Job Creation

Village Africa has led to a lot of employment in the villages:

  1. Project jobs
  2. Indirect jobs
  3. Income generating skills.

The project is led by Caroline Johnston (British) and Fr Stanislaus Baruti (Tanzanian). All the members of staff are African. Village Africa has many permanent staff including a village health worker, drivers, managers and translators.

We use temporary and casual project staff including cooks, watchmen and porters. We also use freelance builders, carpenters and their apprentices. Village Africa uses local materials wherever possible and this gives rise to many jobs including brickmaking and thatching.

Many of the Africans working for Village Africa full-time employ labour including nannies, cooks and farmers, as well as using local craftsmen such as tailors, builders and carpenters.

Village Africa has taught knitting and crochet and now women sell their crafts at local markets. Villagers sell these and other crafts to overseas visitors. The other crafts include baskets, carvings, wooden spoons, winnowing trays, jewellery and needlework. Village Africa buys school uniforms and sweaters made in the villages for its child sponsorship scheme.