September 2020

Congratulations to Agnes Marko, Hellena Philipo and Luciana Casmir from Yamba for passing their kindergarten teacher training.  The 3-year course at Sahare Teachers’ College in Tanga led to a certificate and a diploma.  Thank you to Agnes and Luciana’s sponsors in the UK and to Centennial Academy in Canada for sponsoring Hellena.

August 2020

  • Congratulations to Father Baruti, Co-founder of Village Africa, who has been given the honorary title of ‘Monsignor’ by the Pope.

  • Thank you to Sean Campbell who walked/jogged 67 miles along the Cotswold Way in aid of Village Africa. What an amazing achievement!  Sean was a Village Africa building volunteer so saw the need in the villages himself.  Thank you to all who so generously sponsored him.

  • Congratulations to Paulo Edward from Yamba who has started Form 5 (A levels) at Coastal High School in Tanga.  Paulo went to Yamba Primary School and passed Form 4 (O levels) at Mgwashi Secondary School.  A big thank you to his Village Africa Simba Club sponsor in Ireland and his family for supporting him.

  • Lukas Msumari and Joseph Thomas home after emergency trips in Village Africa’s ambulance.  They both suffered bushknife injuries at work (on separate days) and had to be carried to Village Africa’s garage at Kwemshi.  Thank you to all donors who funded these journeys.

  • Congratulations to Detiva Joseph from Yamba who has passed Form 4 (O levels) and has started a 2-year VETA tailoring course in Dar es Salaam.  VETA is the Vocational Education and Training Authority.  A big thank you to her Village Africa Simba Club sponsor in Australia.

  • School stationery, toiletries and blankets given to primary school pupils in Simba Club, Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme.  It is cold in Yamba at this time of year.

July 2020

  • Sadly, Melania Bernard died. She was paralysed and had stomach pain for a few days before she passed away.  Melania was a Village Africa housegirl in Milingano throughout the volunteer programme (2006-2012). She was very popular with volunteers and greatly loved by them and all at Village Africa.

  • Baby Paris named after Paris Ackrill who was a Village Africa teaching volunteer in Milingano.  The baby is the daughter of Mathayo Yambazi who has worked for Village Africa as a watchman and a carpenter.

  • Village Africa ambulance service – Ester Dastan back home after an emergency trip from Yamba to Milingano Dispensary when she was unconscious.  Thank you to all donors who made this trip possible.

June 2020

  • Sean Campbell to walk 30 hours along the Cotswold Way in the UK in aid of Village Africa.  Please check out the details and sponsor him on this link.
  • Coronavirus has reached Tanzania.  Please see this link for the latest number of cases
  • The first case in Tanzania was reported on 16 Mar 2020.  The Tanzanian government banned mass gatherings and closed schools on 17 Mar, followed by colleges and universities on 18 Mar.  Social distancing was recommended from 3 Apr.  Dar es Salaam residents were ordered to wear masks from 20 Apr.  The government has disseminated health education at national and local level and Covid-19 is being discussed widely on social media.  The public is aware of the disease and its seriousness.  Village Africa has put prevention measures in place to protect its staff.  We plan to continue running our ambulance service.
  • University and Form 6 (A level) students returned to their studies on 1 June 2020. All other schools restarted on 29 June.

April 2020

  • It is now possible to pass Milingano bridge again in good weather.  Devastation was caused by flooding that started in September.
  • Caroline Pugh takes on the 2.6 Challenge in aid of Village Africa.   She successfully cycled 26.2 miles / 42km during her excyclathon (exercise bike in the garden) during ‘lockdown’.                                                                  
  • Village Africa is proud to be part of the 2.6 Challenge.  Supporters are asked to join the nation, think of an activity based around the numbers 26 or 2.6 and complete it on or from 26 April.  It is open to all ages and abilities.   Please fund raise or donate at the following site. (Please remember to choose Village Africa.)


  • Recycle and help Village Africa as you Stay at Home.  Ziffit is a free web service that instantly values your books, games, DVDs and CDs and lets you generate cash quickly which can be donated directly to your Virgin Money Giving fundraising page for Village Africa.Use the ‘lockdown’ extension to have a sort out and help others at the same time!

March 2020     

  • Six school toilets and three water tanks completed for Mibukwe Secondary School.  They were constructed by Village Africa’s team of builders and carpenters and generously funded by Kids Helping Kids.
  • Edith Anthon gave birth to a baby girl called Sara after an emergency trip from Yamba to Milingano Dispensary in Village Africa’s ambulance.  Unfortunately, the bridge to the big hospital in Tanga was impassable due to heavy flooding.  Fortunately, the outcome was good and both mother and child are doing well.  The journey was kindly funded by a Lloyd’s Market Charity Award.
  • Luciana Casmir and Agnes Marko do their kindergarten teaching practice at Yamba Primary School as part of the third year of their course.  They chose to be in their home village.   The subject of this lesson was ‘Health and the Environment – hygiene’ (hence the teaching aids).  They are being sponsored on their course through Simba Club, Village Africa’s student sponsorship scheme.  
  • Sadly, James Donovan has died.  He was the first Finance Director/Treasurer of Village Africa.  He helped us to set up the project and worked hard to establish it and make it successful.  We will always be grateful for that.  James did this voluntary work, alongside his senior career and busy family and social life.  He was a very popular man, well known for his sense of humour.Unfortunately, James suffered from cancer.  Condolences from all of us at Village Africa to his wife Anna and their two young sons.

February 2020     

  • Thank you to the Lauber family from Germany for sending gifts to Yamba.

January 2020         

  • Baby Kathrin named after Kathrin Oberhuber, a student nurse from Austria who visited Yamba.

  • Joseph Titus from Yamba has passed his driving test. He did the VETA driving course in Tanga after passing Form 4 at secondary school. Many thanks to his Simba Club sponsor in the UK.

December 2019

  • Roman Peter has passed his BA Education degree and has started a teaching job. Roman went to Yamba Primary School where he was taught English by Village Africa volunteers. He went on to study for a degree in Dar es Salaam. A big thank you to his Simba Club sponsor from the UK who contributed towards the costs.  
  • Waterlooville Baptist Church chose Village Africa as one of its two Christmas charities. Many thanks to all who so generously donated. The Coffee Cup Virtual Shoebox Appeal organised by the church members was also a huge success, raising lots of money to buy gifts for the children in Yamba. Many thanks to all who saved up throughout the year and contributed.
  • Pirton School in the UK raised much needed funds for Village Africa at its Christmas concerts and nativity plays. We hope everyone enjoyed the performances. A big thank you to all who took part and donated.
  • Queen’s Inclosure Primary School in Waterlooville in the UK raised money for Village Africa at its Christmas performances. Many thanks to all who participated in the shows and those who donated.
  • The Brazenall family kindly gave a donation in lieu of Christmas presents to one another.
  • Village Africa was delighted to be awarded a Lloyd’s Market Charity Award.We are very proud to be recognised in this way and the large donation will help us to run our life-saving ambulance service in remote villages in Tanzania.  A big thank you to the Lloyd’s Charities Trust for choosing us.Every year, the Lloyd’s Charities Trust donates £4,000 to 30 charities on behalf of the extraordinary individuals in the market who volunteer or fund raise in their spare time or have been helped by a charity themselves.Sarah Mayne (pictured), Village Africa’s Chairman, was presented with the Award in London.  
  • Buy Christmas cards in aid of Village Africa.  Choose a card from a wide range, choose a greeting, then importantly choose Village Africa.  Your kind support will help our work in the remote villages.
  • Village Africa has been invited to take part in the ASICS London 10K on 5 July 2020.  We are getting lots of interest in this exciting run through central London.  If you would like to participate and fund raise for Village Africa, please contact so that we can book a charity place for you.

November 2019

  • Yamba Classrooms Appeal target reached. Many thanks to all who fund raised and donated to this appeal, including a grant from the Zoe Carss Education Trust. There is enough money to replace the two dilapidated classrooms and build a head teacher’s office in the middle.
  • Village Africa Ambulance Service – Joseph Hiaziti safely back home in Yamba. He was given an emergency trip to Tanga because he was unconscious.
  • Kingfisher Primary School – Yamba pupils write replies to their penfriends in the UK. Kingfisher is a new school in Yeovil and wanted a link with Village Africa and school children in Tanzania.
  • Paulina Julius and Minaeli Deogratius from Milingano complete a 5 day farming course in Morogoro Region. The Organic Agriculture Basic course was held by Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT). Many thanks to Kids Helping Kids in the USA for supporting Paulina and Minaeli’s training.
  • Joseph Lucas had an emergency trip from Yamba when he fell and broke his arm. He is a student at Mibukwe Secondary School.
  • Yamba pupils receive leaf rubbing pictures from their friends at Wickford Church of England School.
  • Village Africa is listed with Action Challenge. Walk, jog or run along a spectacular coastline; through beautiful English countryside with rolling green hills; or following an iconic river and raise money for Village Africa. Sign up for an Ultra Challenge Event.

October 2019

  • Torrential downpours in Tanga Region greatly affecting our work. The BBC reported that 44 people died in Tanga region. Animals, crops, houses, roads and bridges were also washed away.
  • Rojas Ismail Ndeha starts a BA in Education at the University of Dar es Salaam. Many thanks to his Simba Club sponsors in Australia. Rojas is from Yamba but went to Milingano Primary School.
  • William Ng’wanyemi starts a BA in Sociology and Social Work at Mwenge Catholic University in Moshi. Thank you to the sponsors from the UK, Australia and Canada. William went to Yamba Primary School, Mibukwe Secondary School in Milingano and Coastal High School in Tanga.
  • Epimack Francis starts a Diploma in Education in Science Subjects, specialising in biology and geography. He is at Tukuyu college in Mbeya, the southern part of Tanzania. It is a two year course. Many thanks to his Simba Club sponsors in the UK and France. Epimack is from Yamba and has been in Simba Club (Village Africa’s student sponsorship scheme) since he was in primary school.
  • Mentoring – University students, Innocent Charles, Francis Marko and Reimond Msumari, came back to the village to guide the younger Simba Club students. They discussed with the parents and guardians how the families can help. They covered many topics, including school attendance, personal hygiene at school, time management, homework study plans, study groups and schoolgirl pregnancies. They did a highly professional job, with a consultation period with local leaders in advance and feedback to Village Africa when they had finished. Maiko Paulo, who qualified as a primary school teacher sponsored by Village Africa, also had an input but could not attend as his child was sick. Here is a picture at the end of the process with Caroline Johnston and Village Africa staff involved with Simba Club.
  • Left to right (back row) Hilda Shemzigwa, Innocent Charles, Caroline Johnston, Reimond Msumari, Francis Marko (front row) Anjella Edmund, Veronika John (Mama Ade), John Shekuamba and Edmund Senkunde. John Samweli (who is also involved in Simba Club) took the photo.
  • Laura from Germany and Daniela and Stefanie from Austria visit for the weekend. They kindly gave a large donation from their family and friends in Austria. They also brought school stationery, toys and second hand clothes which were distributed at school, to the five youngest babies in the area and to local volunteers who labour to help their community. A big thank you to everyone who so generously contributed.
  • Baby Stefanie born after an emergency trip in Village Africa’s ambulance and named after recent visitor Austrian student nurse Stefanie Gruber. The baby is the daughter of Martin Thomas (Village Africa’s watchman) and his wife Philimina.
  • Thanks to Nora, Verena, Ricarda and Simona for collecting money after their visit to Yamba from their family and friends in Austria to help build a library for the children in Yamba. A very big thank you to all who contributed.
  • Twins born in hospital in Tanga after an emergency trip in Village Africa’s ambulance. The boy is called Iddi and the girl Amina. Congratulations to their father Nurudini Salimu and mother Subira Yusuphu who live in Milingano.

  • Malaria – Hasani was desperately ill and needed a lift in Village Africa’s ambulance to reach hospital. It is a 3 hour trip on rough terrain in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. He has now recovered and is safely home in Kwemsiga, Milingano. A very big thank you to Village Africa supporters who made this journey possible and helped to save his life.