July 2017

  • Baby Caroline named after Caroline Johnston, Village Africa’s Director in Tanzania. The baby is the daughter of Peter Shemweta who gives farming seminars on behalf of Village Africa.

  • Pneumonia – Yulia Anton home after an emergency trip in Village Africa’s ambulance. She lives in Kwemshi in Yamba and was suffering from pneumonia. It is very cold in the village this year. The villagers have no heating, except fires in the kitchens. A big thank you to all Village Africa supporters who sent money to make this journey possible.

  • Joanna Leigh’s family and friends collect loose change for Village Africa.

June 2017

  • New desks for Kwembalazi Primary School. Village Africa carpenters make 21 desks for the pupils. Many thanks to all who contributed to the Village Africa Desk Appeal. We are making the desks as timber becomes available.

  • Celebrations as Village Africa hands over 6 school toilets and 3 water tanks to Kwemkomole Primary School. The work was kindly funded by Kids Helping Kids in the USA and built by Village Africa’s all-Tanzanian building team.

  • Tom Dickin successfully completes the Victoria Falls Marathon in aid of Village Africa’s ambulance service. He then visits Yamba to catch up with his past pupils and friends. He is pictured here with Simba Club members. All of them are at secondary school, except one who is at university.

  • Hobbyaid sends handmade toys and clothes to children in Yamba. These gifts were distributed to recently bereaved children, disabled youngsters and children who volunteered for the charity. A very big thank you to all who so lovingly made these presents and sent them from the UK. Special thanks to Jamie Conner, HobbyAid’s founder.

  • Centennial Academy in Canada does a fundraising blitz for Simba Club, Village Africa’s student sponsorship scheme. It included a sponsored walk by the teenagers. Their teacher, Krystal Lapierre, was a Village Africa teaching volunteer at Mibukwe Secondary School in Milingano. A big thank you to all the fundraisers and donors.
  • Malaria – Resma Abdala home after an emergency trip to hospital in Village Africa’s ambulance. She lives in Kwembalazi and was suffering from malaria. A big thank you to Village Africa supporters for the donations that made this 3 hour journey possible.

  • Baby Joanna named after Joanna Leigh (nee Elgar) who was a Village Africa teaching volunteer in Yamba and Milingano in 2006/2007. The baby’s parents are John Bernard and Flora John who live in Yamba. Flora used to play at Mzizma (Village Africa’s accommodation) when she was a child and remembers Joanna from those days. She loved Joanna and has now chosen to name her baby after her.

  • Queen’s Inclosure Primary School in Waterlooville learns more about the lifestyle of children in the Yamba and Milingano area. Caroline Johnston, our Project Leader, visited QI to update the pupils. QI pupils regularly fundraise for the charity.
  • Village Africa’s ambulance service – Magret safely home after an emergency trip. She had broken her wrist in a fall. The terrain is very rocky in Yamba. A big thank you to all Village Africa supporters who made this trip possible financially.

  • Baby Tom named after Tom Dickin who was a Village Africa teaching volunteer. The baby’s mother is Eva and she is Maiko Paulo’s sister.

  • Hygiene – Village Africa nurse, Hilda Shemzigwa, gives a seminar in Makanya. Frequent handwashing helps to prevent cholera, typhoid, worms, dysentery and other sickness and diarrhoea. Makanya is 12kms from Yamba and is served by our ambulance service. Thank you to all who help finance our health work in remote villages.

May 2017

  • Baby Joli named after Joli Belle who trekked from Tanga to Yamba in aid of Village Africa’s ambulance service. The baby is the daughter of Richard Martin, Village Africa’s Site Manager.

  • Yamba Primary School pupils write to their penpals at Chapel Allerton Primary School in Leeds.

  • Hygiene kits for all primary school pupils in Simba Club, Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme.

  • Wickford C of E School is raising money for Village Africa’s ambulance service. It has chosen Village Africa as its charity of the year. Fundraising events have included a big breakfast at school. One of the male teachers even had his legs waxed to raise money! More activities are planned. They have also collected mobile phones. Thank you to all involved.

April 2017

  • Netball and football given to Yamba Primary School. These were funded by the surplus from Waterlooville Baptist Church’s Toy in a Bag Appeal. Here is a photo of the netball being presented.

  • Baby Victoria named after Victoria Wilson, who was a Village Africa teaching volunteer in Yamba. The parents are Martin Thomas (Village Africa’s watchman at Mzizma our visitor accommodation) and his wife Philimina Martin.

  • Village Africa ambulance service – Awazi Jabiri safely home after an urgent journey to hospital. He had a very nasty fall and had to have a brace put on his teeth. He lives in Kwemsiga just outside the centre of Milingano. A big thank you to all the donors who funded this emergency trip.

March 2017

  • New classrooms – Village Africa completes two classrooms for Kwembalazi Primary School. A big thank you to the Zoe Carss Education Trust for the funding. The classrooms were received by the District Commissioner (DC) of Lushoto and put into immediate use.

  • Baby Emily named after Emily Curtis, a past Village Africa teaching volunteer. The baby was born in hospital and travelled to Yamba in Village Africa’s vehicle when it was returning to the village. The parents are Maiko Paulo and Skola Maiko. Maiko worked in Village Africa’s office as a manager and Skola worked in Yamba Primary School teaching the kindergarten.

  • New school bags for primary school pupils in Simba Club, Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme. A big thank you to all the sponsors.

February 2017

  • School stationery sets for pupils in Simba Club, Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme. A big thank you to all the sponsors for helping the youngsters with their education.

January 2017

  • Baby Philipo named after Phil Eastham.  Phil volunteered for Village Africa and visits on a regular basis.  The baby’s parents are Tomas Hosea and Lenada Tomas.


  • St Wilfrid’s Men’s Group sent a donation as Village Africa was one of its chosen charities for 2016.  Thank you to all members for their generosity.
  • Queen’s Inclosure Primary School receives an assembly from Caroline Johnston, Village Africa’s Director.  The presentation portrayed the life of a child in the village.

December 2016

  • Waterlooville Baptist Church’s Toy in a Bag Appeal saw gifts donated to 126 young pupils in Yamba Primary School.  A big thank you to all who contributed.


  • The Brazenall family makes donations to Village Africa in lieu of Christmas presents to one another.  Thank you to them for their thoughtfulness and kindness.
  • Lynncroft Primary School and Nursery in the UK send Christmas cards to their penfriends in Yamba.

  • Two tables and chairs for teachers made for Kweulasi Primary School.  Thanks to Zoe Carss Education Trust for the funding.


  • Queen’s Inclosure Primary School in Waterlooville donates proceeds from its Christmas performances.  Many thanks to all involved.
  • Sixty two new desks donated to Milingano Primary School this year. Many thanks to all who contributed to the Village Africa Desk Appeal.


  • Series of farming seminars organised by Village Africa in Kwembalazi and Yamba. Kindly funded by Kids Helping Kids in the USA. Topics include maize, banana, trees, chickens, cows and goats.


  • Village Africa’s building team completes 6 school toilets and 3 water tanks for Kishimai Primary School. The handover ceremony will take place after the holidays. This is a new school started by the community so that the children no longer have to climb 3 hours up the steep mountain for lessons.


  • Beanie raises money for Village Africa by giving up alcohol for a year. A big thank to him and also to his family and friends who sponsored him for the last 3 months. Beanie (Sean McBean) was a Village Africa building volunteer in Yamba.


  • Village Africa Calendars for sale – Only £10 each (including P&P if UK). Please order by Sunday 27th November 2016 to catch the print run in time for posting overseas and within the UK. Please email with the number of calendars you would like and give the delivery address. Payments can be made online by debit or credit card at


  • Our Christmas cards are back! 
    This year we have two designs, available in packs of 10 at £5 each (including p&p).
    Design A is 15cm square and B is A6 size. Both are blank inside for your own lovely Christmas messages.
To order, please email the quantity you’d like, specifying the design and a delivery address to
 Payments can be made online at or by cheque to ‘Village Africa’ sent to Village Africa, 126 Hambledon Road, Waterlooville, Hants, PO7 6XA. Please do not gift aid as this is not allowed on charity merchandise.


  • The Village Africa Christmas auction on facebook is now up and running again for this year! New lots will be posted throughout the month so keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss out. Please bid by commenting under the relevant picture. Bidding will close at 9pm on 30th November, when the highest bidder wins. Postage is covered by the starting price. Good luck.

November 2016

  • Phil Eastham catching up with friends in Milingano.  Phil volunteered for the charity and make regular visits.


  • School uniforms distributed to primary school pupils in Simba Club, Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme.  The uniforms and sweaters were made by men and women in the village.  A big thank you to all the sponsors.


  • Wickford C of E Infant School continues its link with Yamba Primary School. Caroline Johnston, Village Africa’s Director, spent a day at the Wickford school updating the teachers and pupils.

October 2016

  • Baby boy born in hospital after an emergency trip in Village Africa’s ambulance. His name is Lenard and he is pictured here with his mother Erine Elias. A very big thank you to all Village Africa donors who made this trip possible.


  • Excellent primary school leavers’ exam results again in Milingano, Kweulasi and Yamba primary schools. 53 out of 54 passed in Milingano, 45 out of 48 in Kweulasi and 21 out of 26 in Yamba.Milingano was the 2nd placed school in Bumbuli Council. Kweulasi was 6th and Yamba was 26th. Milingano was the 9th placed school in the region out of 412 and 220th nationally out of 8109. The pupils worked hard and the head teachers and teachers are doing an amazing job. Thank you to all Village Africa volunteers and supporters who have also helped these pupils to achieve these fantastic results. 


  • Tom Dickin from the UK makes his sixth visit to Yamba. He originally came as a Village Africa teaching volunteer and is keenly following the progress of his former pupils. Yamba still loves visitors!


  • Water and sanitation – Yamba Primary School throws a party to celebrate the gift of 3 water tanks and 6 school toilets. This project was very kindly funded by Kids Helping Kids in the USA and constructed by Village Africa’s building team.


  • Village Africa’s Director, Caroline Johnston, was guest of honour at the Milingano Primary School graduation ceremony. It was a very well attended and joyful occasion. 54 pupils completed primary school and Milingano was the top school in Bumbuli Council in the Standard VII mock exam.


  • New books for Yamba Primary School. Mary Bryning held a fundraising lunch – a simple meal of soup, bread and cheese. She invited lots of friends and they donated generously. A big thank you to Mary and her friends.
    We have bought Science, Maths, Kiswahili and English textbooks for Standards II (age 8) and Geography, Civics and Kiswahili for Standard III (age 9). The books are beautifully produced, with lots of colourful illustrations relevant to life in Tanzania.


  • Village Africa donates three book cupboards to Kweulasi Primary School. Another is under construction. They were kindly funded by the Zoe Carss Education Trust.
    Photo – John Shekuamba (Village Africa Assistant Director) presents the cupboards to Cuthbeth Lophin Assery (Head teacher)



September 2016

  • Used mobile phones – Thank you to those who recently donated mobile phones for Village Africa staff. More are always needed, so please think of us whenever you change your phone. Please give them to Caroline Johnston or send them to Village Africa’s UK office.
    Photo – Edmund Senkunde, one of Village Africa’s ambulance drivers


  • Vaccinating dogs and cats against rabies. Peter Shemweta (right) assists the government agricultural officer Justin Makaga (left) to vaccinate animals in Yamba and Kwembalazi. Dogs are used as guard dogs and cats deter rats from eating stored maize.
    Peter’s visits are organised by Village Africa and funded by Kids Helping Kids.


  • Sean Campbell successfully runs the Bristol half marathon to raise money to sponsor Baby Sean who is named after him. Thank you to Sean and to all his friends and family who contributed.


  • Village Africa donates 966 books to Milingano Primary School. They are for Standards II – VII and topics include Maths, Science, Technology, Kiswahili, English, History, Geography, Civics, General Studies and Sport. For each set of pupil textbooks, there is a teacher’s guide. The books match the Tanzanian syllabus so the students now have an even better chance of passing their national exams. Many thanks to all supporters who contributed to the Village Africa School Textbook Appeal.


Photo call – John Shekuamba (Village Africa’s Assistant Director) hands books to the Milingano Primary School Head teacher and pupil representatives


  • Yamba tailor, Talita Vicent, measuring Simba Club girls for new school uniforms. Simba Club is Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme.


  • Teachers’ books – A handful of teachers’ guides donated to Kweulasi Primary School. They have just become available in the bookshop and match the pupils’ textbooks given previously. Thank you to the Zoe Carss Education Trust for all the funding.
    Photo – Cuthbeth Lophin Assery (Head teacher) on the left and John Shekuamba (Village Africa Assistant Director) on the right.
  • kweulasi-teachers-books-cathbeth-lophen-asseryNew penpals – Yamba Primary School pupils prepare to write to students at Chapel Allerton Primary School in Leeds, UK. This is a fun way for them to learn about another culture, use English and practise their handwriting.


August 2016

  • Malaria seminar – Village Africa nurse, Hilda Shemzigwa, giving a seminar to Standard VII pupils at Yamba Primary School. Thank you to Village Africa donors who made this possible by funding the salaries of our nurses.


  • Village Africa’s ambulance service – Baby girl born after an emergency trip. The baby is called Amina Ayubu and the proud parents are Zakia Ayubu (mother) and Ayubu Nasoro (father). They live outside Milingano on the way to Yamba. Thank you to all Village Africa donors for their assistance. Vyaadahikana (‘It is possible’)


  • Librarian – Regina Michael is currently looking after Village Africa’s library. It is open four times a week. It has a copy of all primary and secondary school textbooks and Kiswahili and English story books. Thank you to Village Africa supporters who have made this possible.


  • Mibukwe Secondary School girls receive heart necklaces from Kids Helping Kids in the USA. All the recipients are in Simba Club (Village Africa’s student sponsorship scheme). The ceramic necklaces were made by American schoolgirls to raise money and some of the hearts were sent to Tanzania.


  • Pneumonia seminar – Village Africa’s nurse (Mama Ade) arrives to give the talk. It is very cold in Yamba this year and pneumonia is the second most common ailment in the area (after malaria).
    The charity is running a year long series of monthly health seminars for the community.


  • Stained glass – The Wickford Church of England School in Essex, UK sends a friendship plaque to Yamba Primary School. The colours of the Tanzanian flag are on the left, the UK flag colours are on the right and the Wickford school’s initials are in the centre. It is pictured here with three of the kindergarten pupils.


  • Saturday Club – Girls watching an interactive Kiswahili DVD about health kindly provided by Thare Machi Education (a UK charity).
    Village Africa is running a club for girls in Yamba led by Magda Baruti. It teaches life skills (particularly hygiene and first aid) and there are lots of fun activities like singing, dancing, drawing and sport too. The club is for Std IV and V girls (10-11 years) in the morning and Std VI and VII girls (12-13 years) in the afternoon. Magda comes from Yamba and is now a teacher funded by Village Africa.


  • New builder – Village Africa welcomes Richard Anthoni onto its permanent staff. He has previously worked for us on a temporary basis at Kweulasi, Kwembalazi and Yamba primary schools.


  • Cosmas Shekinyuma has left Yamba to become a farm manager. Village Africa wishes him all the best in his new job.
  • Baby Bettina – named after Bettina Blass who was a Village Africa volunteer. The proud parents are Peter Sebastian (Sheshe) who is Village Africa’s head builder and his wife Sophia. Many congratulations on the new arrival.