Village Africa uses a 4 step approach in its education programme:

  1. Building classrooms and school toilets
  2. Providing desks, books, cupboards, sports equipment and school stationery
  3. Child sponsorship scheme for primary and secondary school students
  4. Community library in Yamba.

Village Africa is assisting four government primary schools (Yamba, Milingano, Kweulasi and Mkurumuzi) and one government secondary school (Mibukwe).

It ran a successful and popular teaching English volunteer programme from Sept 2006-Sept 2012 until changes in the immigration process. Volunteers also transferred skills to the charity’s African staff, including managers, nurses, ambulance drivers, cooks and watchmen.  They taught numerous skills including English, management, computing, administration, marketing, photography, nursing and first aid.  The community is now in a stronger position to work towards improving education, despite the remote and difficult circumstances it still faces.