Desk Appeal


Village Africa has raised £9000 to provide 450 desks for primary schools.

Carpenters making desks (50 per cent size)
There is a severe shortage of desks in the primary schools and many children sit on the floor which can be dusty or muddy depending on the weather. This leads to poor concentration and bad handwriting.

Village Africa is providing desks to Milingano Primary School, Kweulasi Primary School and Kwembalazi Primary School.

The desks are being made by local carpenters in Tanzania, thus providing much needed employment.

For every desk, Village Africa has planted one timber tree and one cash crop (eg cloves).

Groups who donated one desk or more have been listed on our website and have received a certificate of thanks.

Village Africa has a good track record of working with schools in the area. It has provided classrooms, school toilets, school stationery and teaching volunteers. In the past it made 80 desks for Milingano Primary School and 11 for Yamba Primary School.



Desk Appeal Updates

Desk Appeal Supporters

Tree planting 1
We are raising funds to make 450 desks and plant 900 trees.  If for any reason we can’t make desks or plant trees, or there are surplus funds left over, the excess will be used to support Village Africa’s work in health and education. Please note Village Africa treats Gift Aid as unrestricted funds.