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Village Africa Annual Report 20-21

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Letters of thanks from the Tanzanian Government

John Kijazi,  former Mweni-Yamba Village Chairman

Instead of being carried to hospital on a stretcher, a trip that takes 2 days, very sick patients are now driven quickly to hospital in the Village Africa car.”

Musa Kiwayo, retired Milingano Primary School Headteacher

Thanks to the construction of school classrooms and school toilets in Milingano, by Village Africa, school attendance is up.  Full attendance is the aim of our community in Tanzania.”

The school toilets built in Milingano Primary School have improved the health of the students.”

Better pupil attendance means more students pass their exams and can go to secondary school.”

When Village Africa started in 2006, death rates were high, health care and education weren’t easily accessible and signs of development very limited. Some images of the early days…