Village Africa does not provide grants. Unfortunately, as a small organisation, it regrets it does not have the resources to reply to such applications.

Anti-bribery Policy

Village Africa has an anti-bribery stance. For details of the policy, please contact info@villageafrica.org.uk

Privacy Policy

Please see our Privacy Policy Including Cookies page for more details.

Complaints procedure

We hope that you will not have a reason to make a complaint about the charity’s services or fundraising, but, if you do, please do contact us as we value feedback and are keen to learn how we can do things better.We will treat all complaints seriously.  Any complaint should be sent to our email address info@villageafrica.org.uk where it will be reviewed by one of our trustee directors.  We will acknowledge your email as soon as possible and try to resolve the problem.  If the complaint concerns a particular trustee director, a different trustee director will consider the complaint.  All complaints will be notified to the chair of the board of trustee directors.
If the trustee is unable to do resolve the complaint, he or she will pass it to the Board for further investigation. This may be done by email or telephone conference, particularly if the problem is urgent, or at a full Board meeting. The trustees’ decision will be communicated in writing to everyone involved.