Child Sponsorship

Village Africa runs a child sponsorship scheme for both primary and secondary students.  The scheme prioritises orphans, children with single parents and those in greatest need.
Sponsors can choose whether to support a primary or secondary school student.  They can also choose whether to sponsor a boy or a girl.
A primary school child is provided with gifts including school uniform, school bag, school stationery, a mosquito net, a blanket and a hygiene set. Gifts provided to these children are made locally whenever possible, eg school skirts, shirts, shorts and sweaters.
A secondary school student is provided with rent and an allowance to cover school uniform, books and school stationery.
Besides sponsoring an individual child, the scheme also has a Community Fund which helps the whole community.  This fund has been used for many projects including school classrooms (renovation and new build).
The scheme started in 2007 with primary school pupils and has grown steadily.  It is particularly popular with past volunteers who have seen the need for themselves. Many have recommended the scheme to their friends and families too.
The child sponsorship scheme is known as the ‘Simba Club’ in Tanzania. ‘Simba’ means ‘lion’ in Kiswahili. Lions are found in the Serengeti and other national parks in Tanzania and are popular with Africans as well as people overseas.
To sponsor a child please click here.