eBay for Charity

Sell new or second hand items on eBay in aid of Village Africa.  Great way to declutter, recycle, make money for yourself and help Village Africa at the same time.  As the seller, you decide what percentage of sales goes to Village Africa.

Buyers can also Give at Checkout.



Sell old books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and games in the UK to raise funds for Village Africa.  So simple. Free. Collected from your front door!

Just download the Ziffit free app (or use its website if you don’t have a smartphone). Scan the items (or input them on the website). Pack them in a box and get a free pick up from your home for items 5kg or over. The driver will observe social-distancing.  Smaller amounts can be taken to the nearest drop-off point.
Ziffit is part of World of Books Group. It works globally and is the largest used bookseller in the UK. In 2019 alone, it collected 85 million books, of which 16 million were re-homed and the rest were responsibly recycled. It sells used books online around the world.
Ziffit’s partnership with Virgin Money Giving means that you can donate the value of your unwanted goods to Village Africa. The NEW app integration makes it is easier than ever to do!

The Recycling Factory

Collect and Recycle printer cartridges. Help the environment and Village Africa at the same time!

Simply order a free recycling box from TheRecyclingFactory, collect 50 cartridges and post free of charge.

Village Africa will receive a donation for every suitable cartridge you send.  Eligible cartridges raise up to £1.50 per cartridge.  See cartridge list in bottom left corner on link to see which cartridges are eligible.

Please recycle your own cartridges.

Can you even go one step further and collect cartridges from your family and friends, school, college, work, church or social club and send them off please? Some charities have raised hundreds and even thousands of pounds doing this. Village Africa needs to find new sources of funding and this is one way.