Village Africa renovates and builds facilities needed by the community. We use an African team of builders and carpenters, sometimes assisted by casual labour. We use local materials wherever possible. Buying from the villagers has created a lot of employment for both men and women and has boosted the local economy. Village Africa has been building constantly since May 2006.



20 classrooms built and 12 water tanks installed (over 5 schools)

144 school toilets built and 69 water tanks installed (over 22 schools)

2 classrooms renovated

8 school toilets renovated

1 teacher’s house renovated, toilet and bathroom built

700 desks made (over 4 schools)

24 school office and book cupboards made (over 5 schools)

5 teachers’ tables and chairs made (over 2 schools)


2 garages for ambulance (good weather and bad weather), watchman’s huts, toilets and bathrooms built and 4 water tanks installed

1 health post renovated, 2 toilets built and 2 water tanks installed

4 dispensary toilets built and 1 water tank installed


3 houses for staff, 3 toilets and 3 bathrooms built and 6 water tanks installed

3 houses for visitors, 2 toilets and 2 bathrooms built and 2 water tanks installed

5 local houses renovated and were rented by Village Africa, 3 toilets and 3 bathrooms built

1 carpenters’ workshop with toilet and bathroom built

1 office renovated, 2 water tanks installed

1 building store built, 2 water tanks installed

1 motorbike store built