What we do

About us

Village Africa is a charity working in Tanzania, East Africa. It is based in a village called Yamba, high in the West Usambara Mountains in the Tanga region. Its aim is to alleviate poverty. Its work is in health and education. Locally it is known by the Kisambaa name ‘Vyaadahikana’ which means ‘It is possible’.

Village Africa works in the following areas:


Village Africa gives health seminars in local languages.  Our ambulance service provides trips to hospital to villagers, day and night, free of charge. It is a two day walk to hospital otherwise. Within its short history, Village Africa has greatly reduced the death rate.




Village Africa assists four primary schools and one secondary school.  It provides classrooms, school toilets, water tanks, desks, books, cupboards, sports equipment and school stationery as funds permit.




Village Africa’s uses its local building team to construct health and education facilities needed by the community.  Work is kindly funded by our donors.  Local materials are used wherever possible.



Job Creation

Many of the Africans working for Village Africa full-time employ labour including nannies, cooks, farmers and porters, as well as using local craftsmen such as tailors, builders and carpenters.



Child Sponsorship

Village Africa runs a sponsorship scheme for primary and secondary school students.  It is known as the ‘Simba Club’ in Tanzania.  ‘Simba’ means ‘lion’ in Kiswahili.



Distribution of Gifts

Village Africa receives many gifts from different sources in Tanzania and overseas. Gifts include clothing, shoes, bedding, books, toys, school stationery, spectacles and medical equipment.




Village Africa aims to protect and promote the importance of the environment in the course of its work, especially in matters relating to health and education.





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