News Archive

March 2015

  • Farming success – a bumper maize crop in Kwembalazi following the October farming seminars and new seeds distributed by Village Africa.

Maize 5

Issa and his maize

  • Desks – Twenty nine desks made locally and donated to Milingano Primary School. Thanks to all supporters who contributed to the Village Africa Desk Appeal.

Desks for Mili

  • Water and sanitation – 3 water tanks and 6 toilets built by Village Africa’s team at Mavumbi Primary School. Village Africa thanks Kids Helping Kids for funding this work.

Mavumbi toilets and tank

February 2015

  • Emergency trip to hospital – Maria is home and well after a trip to hospital in Village Africa’s ambulance. She fell ill after the birth of her baby girl. Many thanks to Village Africa’s supporters who made this journey possible.

Emergency trip Maria and baby girl

  • Secondhand spectacles distributed in Yamba. Thanks to Bettina Blass (past volunteer) in Germany who kindly collected and posted these.
  • Reading scheme – St Martins Wood Primary School in the UK sends a reading scheme and other books for Yamba’s community library. Thanks to Alli Shaw for organising this. Alli is one of our directors. She was a Village Africa teaching volunteer and now works at St Martins.

Joy at new library books

January 2015

  • Lenada calls her baby John after Ebony Steward’s father. Ebony has visited Yamba twice and introduced volleyball.

Lenada's baby boy

  • Milingano Primary School pupils write penpal letters to Lynncroft Primary School and Nursery. Joanna Leigh (nee Elgar) volunteered in Yamba and Milingano primary schools and now works at Lynncroft.

Joanna letters - Mili 13


Image from calendar

  • Maiko Paulo works in Village Africa’s office while he waits to join Form 3 at Eckenforde Secondary School in Tanga.

Maiko Paulo - Jan 2015

  • Magda Baruti starts her second and final year of the Montessori Kindergarten Teacher Training Course in Lushoto. Magda used to work as a translator/manager for Village Africa.

Magda Baruti - Jan 2015

  • Queen’s Inclosure Primary School donates money raised at its Christmas performances to the Village Africa School Textbook Appeal. The money was presented to Caroline Johnston, Village Africa’s Project Leader, when she did an assembly at the school.
  • The Brazenall family makes a Christmas donation in lieu of presents to one another. Moe Brazenall runs Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme and Doug Brazenall regularly fund raises for the charity.

December 2014

  • Lloyd’s Market Charity Award given to Village Africa to help with its ambulance service in remote villages in Tanzania.  Our Chairman, Sarah Mayne, collected the award at a lunchtime reception held in London.Lloyd's awards
  • XL Group’s charity fund makes a generous donation to Village Africa’s health work.  This is the second grant that it has made to Village Africa.  Sarah Mayne works for this company.  She was a teaching volunteer at Milingano Primary School before becoming our Chairman.
  • Ambulance driver accommodation completed – Thank you to all who contributed to the appeal.

Ambulance driver accommodation - Dec

Ambulance Driver Edmundi, his wife Anjella and their children Valentina, Prosper and Joanna.

  • Two classrooms completed for Kweulasi Primary School, plus 162 desks and 2 teachers’ tables and chairs.  All these resources were kindly funded by the Zoe Carss Education Trust.


  • Three water tanks installed and toilets renovated at Mibukwe Secondary School.  Many thanks to Newquay Tretherras Academy for fundraising to make this project possible. Most of the money was raised by a non school uniform day.

Mibukwe SIM tank 2

  • The Zoe Carss Education Grant gives a grant for textbooks and school furniture for Kweulasi Primary School.
  • School sweaters made in Yamba for Simba Club, Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme.
  • Lynncroft Primary School and Nursery sends Christmas cards to pupils at Yamba and Milingano primary schools.
  • Village Africa’s 2015 calendar sold out.  Thanks to all who bought copies.

calendar_image_-_Dec[1]Image from calendar

November 2014

  • Excellent results from the primary school leavers’ Standard VII exams.  Twenty pupils passed to go to secondary school at Milingano, 26 at Yamba and 26 at Kweulasi primary schools.
  • Mibukwe Secondary School students reply to penfriend letters from Rosehill School in Nottingham, UK.
  • Three book cupboards made by local carpenters were presented to Milingano Primary School.  Thank you to those who donated to the Village Africa School Textbook Appeal.


October 2014

  • Village Africa Project Leader, Caroline Johnston, presents black school shoes to all pupils at Milingano and Kweulasi primary schools. The gifts were donated by a contact of the local MP, January Makamba.


  • Village Africa’s nurse (Mama Ade) helps with national vaccinations that took place in the villages.
  • Peter Shemweta, an agricultural teacher, makes another two week visit to Kwembalazi and Yamba.  He distributes maize seeds and teaches the adults and pupils the best way to plant them, including the use of manure.  His visit and the seeds were kindly funded by Kids Helping Kids.


  • School uniforms made in Milingano and Yamba for Simba Club, Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme.


  • Niki Donovan gives Village Africa key rings as her wedding favours.  Village Africa sends many congratulations to the newly-wed couple.



  • Village Africa’s Director, Caroline Johnston, is guest of honour at the Milingano and Kweulasi primary school graduations.

Milingano_Primary_School_graduation_2014_-_Oct[1] Kweulasi_graduates_-_Oct[1]

September 2014

  • Past volunteer Rebecca Staff and her partner Olly King visit Yamba and look up some of her old pupils who are now at Mibukwe Secondary School.

Olly_King_-_Sept[1] Becca_looking_up_her_former_students_-_Sept[1]

  • Trees planted in Milingano.  Thanks to all who donated to the Tree Appeal.
  • Yamba Primary School pupils write penfriend letters to Newton Primary School in Dunblane, Scotland. Linsey McGregor was a volunteer in Yamba and now works at Newton Primary School.
  • School textbooks donated to Yamba Primary School for Standard III.

History_book,_teacher_-_Sept[1] Science_Std_III_books_-_Sept[1]

  • The charity receives donations of office stationery, medical equipment, carpentry tools and children’s books.
  • Two water tanks installed at Village Africa’s Yamba health post, two at Village Africa’s office and two at the staff accommodation.


  • Penpal letters written to Chapel Allerton School by Yamba Primary School pupils. Lillian Bergman was a building volunteer and introduced Village Africa to this school.


  • Secondhand clothing and shoes distributed to local volunteers and staff.  Village Africa shared space in a container organised by the Hereford-Muheza Link in England.


  • Secondhand spectacles and clothing received from Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia and Tanzania.

August 2014

  • Six school toilets and 3 water tanks completed at Mhanko Primary School.  These were constructed by the Village Africa building team and kindly funded by Kids Helping Kids.

Mhanko_-_New_SIM_tank_-_with_children__-_Aug[1] Mhanko_new_toilets_-_with_pupils_-_Aug[1]

July 2014

  • Road to Yamba completed by the community.  It is now possible to drive to the top of the mountain.  Village Africa’s ambulance can reach the health post.


  • Father Baruti (co-founder of Village Africa) marks his jubilee (25 years as a priest) with celebrations in Amani, Kongoi and Yamba.


  • Two week visit by an agricultural teacher, organised and hosted by Village Africa and funded by Kids Helping Kids.  Two hundred trees kindly donated by the teacher, Peter Shemweta, and planted at Kwembalazi Primary School.  Peter advises villagers to grow a different type of banana in Yamba and teaches the children how to grow spinach.  He inspects livestock and vaccinates and dips animals as necessary.


June 2014

  • Specsavers in Brunssum in the Netherlands kindly collects secondhand spectacles from its customers and donates them to Village Africa.
  • Sweaters made in Yamba for Simba Club, Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme.


May 2014

  • Fourteen desks made by local carpenters for Kweulasi Primary School. These were kindly funded by the Zoe Carss Education Trust.
  • Helen O’Grady Drama Academy pupils raised funds for Village Africa at the Queen’s Inclosure Primary School May Fair. Their mascot, Oscar, took part. Thanks to Erin and Rhys for their performances.

May - Helen O'Grady Drama Academy mascot


  • Secondhand spectacles distributed to villagers in Mkurumuzi. Many thanks to Bettina Blass and all her supporters in Germany for sending them.

April 2014

  • St James’s Place Foundation makes a generous donation to the Village Africa School Textbook Appeal.
  • Adam Shapton completes the Manchester Marathon to raise funds to support a child in primary education (kindergarten – Std VII) through Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme. Adam is a past Milingano building volunteer.
  • Kath Culkin and Emily Curtis visit Kwemsiga. This is their third visit. Kath has twice volunteered at Mibukwe Secondary School and Emily has taught twice at Milingano Primary School.

April - Kath and Emily, with Melania

  • Newquay Tretherras Academy Year 9 students and form tutors donate sports equipment to Kweulasi Primary School.  It was kindly delivered by Kath and Emily.


  • School stationery distributed at Milingano Primary School.Football and stationery given to Mibukwe Secondary School.

Mili_stationery_-_April[1] Mibukwe_football_and_stationery_-_April[1]

  • Monika Maiko names her new son David, after Karen Nivala’s father. Monika works as a cook for Village Africa. Karen Nivala is a past Yamba teaching volunteer from Australia.


March 2014

  • Handover ceremony held at Kongoi Primary School. Six school toilets and three water tanks were presented to the school. Major repairs were also made to the classroom roofing and steps. The work was funded by Kids Helping Kids and undertaken by Village Africa’s all-Tanzanian building team.

Mar - Kongoi water tank

  • Oxford University Light Entertainment Society donates to Village Africa. Village Africa was voted as the charity for its play ‘Happily Ever After’. Thanks to Efi Gauthier, past Yamba volunteer, for recommending Village Africa.
  • Agricultural officer, Peter Shemweta, spent a second fortnight in Kwembalazi and Yamba. He introduced new varieties of banana plants and taught terracing. He kindly donated 200 trees to Kwembalazi Primary School and showed the pupils and villagers how to plant them. He taught children in both schools how to plant spinach. He also vaccinated cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, cats and dogs.

Mar - Peter Shemweta

  • Queen’s Inclosure Primary School in Waterlooville, Hampshire makes a second contribution to Village Africa School Textbook Appeal. The donation was made to mark World Book Day.

February 2014

  • A book cupboard, kindly donated by Kids Helping Kids, was presented to Kwembalazi Primary School. Teaching aids from Village Africa were also given to the school.

Kwembalazi_pupils_with_teaching_aids[1]Book cupboard for Kwembalazi - Feb

  • Medicine Education Africa donors and staff visit Village Africa. MEA provides 16 bags of medicine every 6 weeks to village health workers. Village Africa helps to supervise these workers and takes the bags to Tanga for replenishing.

Feb - MEA health workers with Village Africa nurses (Mama Ade and Hilda)

  • Ebony Steward and Richard Squires from Australia visit Yamba. Ebony introduced volleyball the first time she came to the village and enjoyed playing another match this time.

Feb - Ebony and Richard

  • Four book cupboards made for Kweulasi Primary School. These were kindly funded by the Zoe Carss Education Trust.

Feb - Kweulasi book cupboard

January 2014

  • Visit Tanzania video compiled by Emma Southey, past Volunteer Liaison Officer
  • Five school toilets, three water tanks and 30 desks given to the newly registered Kwembalazi Primary School. The project was funded by Kids Helping Kids and built by Village Africa. Sixteen desks from the Village Africa Desk Appeal were also presented to the school.

Jan - Handover of Kwembalazi school toilets

  • Building work recommences on the ambulance driver accommodation in Yamba.
  • Petro Dastani scores the best marks in Lushoto District in the National Std VII examinations. Petro is supported through Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme.
  • Textbooks were kindly bought by the Zoe Carss Education Trust for Kweulasi Primary School Std IV and Std V.

January - Zoe Carss Education Trust books (2)

  • Andrea Ward, Village Africa’s voluntary UK Administrator, gave a talk at Cosham Rotary Club. Caroline Johnston, our Project Leader, was also present and answered questions.
  • The Brazenall family makes a Christmas donation in lieu of presents to one another. Moe Brazenall runs Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme and Doug Brazenall regularly fund raises for the charity.

December 2013

  • Waterlooville Baptist Church collects money on Christmas Day for Village Africa’s Ambulance Driver Accommodation Appeal. This is their third large collection for the charity.
  • Ebony Steward runs a successful appeal to raise funds for emergency trips to hospital. It is a 3 hour drive on rough terrain in Village Africa’s ambulance to reach hospital.
  • Buongiorno makes a large donation to Village Africa’s School Textbook Appeal. The charity is very grateful for the company’s ongoing support.
  • Specsavers in Brunnsum, the Netherlands, collects more secondhand spectacles for the charity.

November 2013

  • Phil Eastham makes his fourth visit to Village Africa. Phil enjoyed coaching football on previous visits and came to see progress.

Nov - Phil Eastham

  • Deltec International makes donations to the Village Africa Tree Appeal and the Village Africa School Textbook Appeal.
  • Help Village Africa for FREE! Whenever you shop online, please remember to find the store you want through! When you make your purchase, they will donate a percentage to Village Africa with no extra cost to yourself.

Laughing girl

  • Life changing gifts are available this Christmas. Not sure what to buy for family and friends? This could be the perfect gift.
    Choose from trees for planting £8, Health care priorities £10, School essentials £15, Building equipment £20 and. Emergency trip to hospital £50.
    With every gift we will send you a card that explains the gift for the recipient.
    To order Life Changing Gifts you can pay online or by post.

Boy in school uniform

  • Buy a Village Africa calendar 2014 and support our health and education work in remote villages in Tanzania. Order by 28 November to catch the print run to allow delivery for Christmas in the UK and overseas. Only £8. The calendars make excellent Christmas presents and stocking fillers for family and friends.
    To order please email Christina at Please state how many you would like and the address for delivery. Pay online or by cheque. Please allow an extra £1 per calendar for postage outside the UK.
    Payment online
    Payment by cheque made payable to ‘Village Africa’ with a donation form
    Please do not gift aid on calendars.
    Thank you (Asante sana)

Calendar 2014

October 2013

  • Village Africa’s nurses give health seminars to the pupils at Yamba and Milingano primary schools.

Oct - Health seminars

  • Congratulations to Bettina Blass who completed the Cologne Half Marathon.  She raised money for the charity through her training sessions. Bettina was a Village Africa volunteer in Yamba.  She is at the front and wearing blue in the photo.

Bettina running - 50% size

September 2013

  • Peter Shemweta writes a feasibility study on how to improve farming and livestock in Kwembalazi and Yamba. He spent two weeks with Village Africa researching this. Peter is a Tanzanian who went to agricultural college and is working as a secondary school agricultural teacher in Lushoto. His work was funded by Kids Helping Kids.

Sept - Peter Shemweta

  • Sydney Marathon – Simon Payne ran his first marathon on 22 Sept and did so in aid of Village Africa. Simon was a building volunteer for the charity in 2009.

Simon Payne (1)

August 2013

  • Skynetworldwide sends books for Village Africa’s community library in Yamba.
  • The government agricultural officer held a livestock seminar in Yamba and visited farms to give vaccinations and treat the sick animals. Village Africa provided transport and accommodation for his visit. The charity believes villagers can increase the income they are getting from crops and livestock. There is a growing number of animals in the village including chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs, goats, sheep, cows, guinea pigs, bees and working cats and dogs.

Bwana (small size)

  • January Makamba MP arrives at Kweulasi Primary School to open the two new classrooms. The classrooms were funded by the Zoe Carss Education Trust and built by Village Africa. The MP is pictured here (left) with the Afisa Tarafa (Division Officer).

MP at Kweulasi classrooms handover (small size)

Kweulasi classrooms handover (small size)

July 2013

  • We are delighted that the calendar is back for the fourth year running!  We are now in the process of designing one for 2014 and we want to include your best photos.  Please send your photos to Christina at with your name and a brief description by Friday 6th September 2013.  We’ll then enter them into a competition and announce the winning thirteen on our Facebook page.  Looking forward to seeing your pictures!


  • Baby born in Village Africa’s ambulance on an emergency trip to hospital!  The baby boy is called Godybet and is the first child of Veronika and Martin. It is a 3 hour drive to hospital on rough terrain.

Baby born in ambulance

  • Stella leaves Village Africa to join her husband in Dar es Salaam. She is moving with her two children (Esta Anjella and Caroline). Stella has been a housegirl for the charity since the first group of volunteers in 2006. She did a fantastic job, was a lot of fun and is greatly loved. We wish her all the best in her new life in the city.

Stella with kittens

Edmundi driving

  • Village Africa completes two new classrooms for Kweulasi Primary School in Milingano. All the costs were kindly donated by the Zoe Carss Education Trust.

Kweulasi classrooms (front view)

  • ‘Runtastic’ pages set up in Germany to raise money for Village Africa.  Bettina Blass and Jorg Duspohl are training for a half marathon in October and Monika Rech is training for a triathlon.  They turn on the Runtastic app when they start their training sessions and it records where they run, the speed etc.  If you ‘like’ the post that appears on facebook during their run, the app will shout ‘I like it’ which they can hear on their smartphones to motivate them and small amounts of money will be raised for the charity.  Bettina is a past Village Africa volunteer, Jorg is her husband and Monika their friend.
  • Thanks to Bonasystems Europe Ltd for sending secondhand clothing.

June 2013

  • Karen Nivala from Australia visits Village Africa for six weeks to see her many friends in Yamba and Milingano. This is her fourth visit.

 Karen with the new baby named after her

Karen and Baby Karen (1)

  • Carpenters start making the desks funded by the Village Africa Desk Appeal.

Carpenters making desks (50 per cent size)

  • Villagers water and weed round the 1000 trees recently planted by Village Africa. This provides much needed employment.

Woman weeding

  • Secondhand spectacles distributed in Yamba.
  • Building tools, medical teaching aids, books, wind up torches, clothing, shoes and more secondhand spectacles received from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

Builders with tools 1

  • Skynetworldwide again kindly transports gifts at a discounted rate from the UK to Tanzania.

May 2013

  • Secondhand spectacles distributed in Mkurumuzi village.
  • Village Africa School Textbook Appeal launched to raise £9,500 to buy school textbooks and book cupboards for Yamba and Milingano primary schools. An average of £3 will buy a textbook and £70 a book cupboard. 2880 books and 10 book cupboards are needed.


  • Village Africa supporters invited to join other volunteers and walk or run 4 or 10km to raise money for Village Africa. 6 July 2013. Beautiful Peak District. Free to enter. Free camping.  75% of the fundraising will be allocated to Village Africa and 25% to the PoD Charity for all the overseas projects it supports.
  • Village Africa plants 1000 trees (900 as part of the Village Africa Desk Appeal and 100 as part of the Village Africa Life Changing Gifts Scheme).

Tree planting (website) May

  • Level 8 Solutions very generously matches the fundraising by Mark Wilkes on the Tanga to Yamba Trek. The six day trek was a huge success and raised much needed funds for Village Africa’s health and education work.
  • Top Pot, the hand-forged doughnut company in Seattle USA, kindly donates new T-shirts to the villagers in Kwembalazi.

Top Pot

  • Centennial Academy students in Montreal, Canada fundraise to sponsor a girl through Mibukwe Secondary School in Milingano. The fundraising was organised by their teacher Krystal Lapierre who was a Village Africa teaching volunteer at Mibukwe.
    Fundraising activities included an international food buffet, collecting loose change, selling candy grams and a free-dress day. To encourage each class to fundraise the most, the school provided a pizza lunch to the top homeroom (a tie between 2 classes). The top three individual fundraisers won Village Africa calendars.

April 2013

  • Village Africa Desk Appeal target reached. Over £9000 has been collected to buy 450 desks for three primary schools and 900 trees (half timber and half cash crops).

AprDesks (website)

  • New baby called Karen after Karen Nivala, past Village Africa teaching volunteer.  Eliza and Leonard are the proud parents and Maria the proud grandmother.

New Baby Karen 1

  • Simba Club (Village Africa’s child sponsorship scheme) reaches 100 students supported.

AprSimba 100 (website)

  • Emma Langdon completes the London Marathon, sponsored for Village Africa.

AprEmma Langdon (website)

  • Manchester United Football Club sends a football shirt to one of its biggest fans, Francis Maiko of Yamba. Francis is studying at Mibukwe Secondary School.

AprMan U (website)

  • Buongiorno SPA in Italy makes a very large donation to Village Africa’s Desk Appeal.
  • Peponi Beach Resort in Pangani, Tanzania donates secondhand clothing and crockery.
  • Secondhand mobile phones distributed to Village Africa’s permanent staff.
  • Congratulations to Maiko Bernard and Hilda Thomas who married in Yamba Catholic Church. Both work for Village Africa. Maiko (also called Sinza) is a watchman and Hilda is a housegirl/cook. Fr Leopaldi conducted the wedding mass. Melania Edmundi and Sheki (Edmundi Maiko) were Matron of Honour and Best Man.

AprWedding (website)

March 2013

  • Skynetworldwide kindly sends more secondhand clothes to the charity.
  • Queen’s Inclosure Primary School raises money for school textbooks for Yamba Primary School by holding a non-school uniform day.
  • Cisco Live sends a large consignment of fleeces and T-shirts to Village Africa.

marCisco no 1

  • Trek from Tanga to Yamba raises money for Village Africa.  Babu Doug (Brazenall) and his neighbour Mark Wilkes took on the challenge, accompanied by John Samweli (Village Africa driver) and Sheki (who has worked for the charity as both day watchman and builder).  Doug was a Village Africa teaching volunteer and Mark is a Simba Club child sponsor.  This is the emergency trip to hospital route in reverse.  Village Africa’s ambulance rushes patients to hospital which takes 3 hours on the rough terrain. The same route took the walking team (and would take patients without an ambulance) 6 days.

MarcTrek (website)

  • Secondhand spectacles distributed in Milingano.

Woman with glasses

  • Village Africa greetings cards sold at the Crafters Roadshow in Glasgow. These beautiful cards were designed by Linsey McGregor (past Village Africa teaching volunteer).
  • Mkurumuzi elders present a goat as thanks for the six school toilets and three water tanks funded by Kids Helping Kids and built by Village Africa.

marcGoat (website)

  • A duck is presented as a thank you gift for the 5 school toilets and 3 water tanks at Kwembalazi Primary School (a new school under registration). This sanitation project was funded by Kids Helping Kids and built by Village Africa.

MarcDuck (website)

  • Tom Dickin visits Yamba for the fourth time to catch up with all the friends he has made.

MarcTom (website)

  • Visitors Ollie Davey and Sadie Gains enjoy their time in Yamba.  Ollie visited before as part of the PoD/Emanuel School expedition.  He returned with Sadie, his travelling companion.

MarcOllie and Sadie (website)

  • Stella has a baby called Caroline. Stella has been a housegirl/cook for the charity since it started in May 2006. The baby is named after Caroline Johnston, Village Africa’s Director. Stella now has two children. Her first daughter is called Esta Anjella.

MarStella (website)

February 2013

  • Ipswich Orwell Rotary Club receives a talk about the charity from Bee Taylor, past Village Africa teaching volunteer.
  • Rotary Club of Workington Derwent gives a generous donation following a talk by Ewan Wilson (one of Village Africa’s founding Directors).  A special thank you to John Wilson and all the Rotary Club members.
  • Health seminar for children given at Mkurumuzi Primary School by Hilda Shemzigwa, Village Africa’s nurse.   The seminar covered personal hygiene, water and sanitation.

January 2013

  • Village Africa’s ambulance arrives and is put ‘into service’ to take seriously sick patients on the 3 hour journey on rough terrain to hospital. Many thanks to the thousands of people who helped to raise the £40,000 needed to buy it and put it on the road. Please share this good news with them. Together we did it!Special thanks to the major sponsors of the Village Africa Ambulance Appeal: Helen O’Grady Drama Academy; Southern Ambulance Preservation Society; Cartridge World; Meetings Industry Meeting Needs (MIMN) and St James’s Place Foundation.

Village Africa Ambulance (side view)

  • Ele Porritt completed the ‘Tough Guy’ challenge in aid of Village Africa. ‘Tough Guy’ bills itself as ‘The Safest Most Dangerous Event in the World’ and was made even harder this year by the bitterly cold weather. Ele was a Village Africa teaching volunteer in Milingano. A BIG thank you to Ele and all who kindly sponsored her.


  • School textbooks donated to Yamba Primary School by Lynncroft Primary School and Nursery.  The money was raised by a Rainbow Walk.

Yamba pupils reading new books

  • Village Africa gives two tables and three chairs to Kwembalazi Primary School which is seeking government registration.
  • Skynetworldwide kindly sends more secondhand clothing.  This will be distributed to local volunteers to encourage them as they maintain the road (the route to hospital) and carry heavy items (eg medicine) up the steep mountain.
  • Queens Inclosure Primary School in Waterlooville welcomes Caroline Johnston (Village Africa Director) to give another school assembly.  The topic was the school curriculum in Yamba.
  • Walk from Tanga to Yamba –  Doug Brazenall is undertaking this five day trek to raise funds for the charity in March 2013.  This is the emergency trip to hospital route (in reverse).  Babu Doug was a Village Africa teaching volunteer in Yamba and is a regular visitor to the village. To donate, please see

Baby Doug

  • Village Africa starts building two classrooms for Kweulasi Primary School.  This work is most generously funded by the Zoe Carss Education Trust.
  • Donated envelopes needed for our UK office to keep our costs to an absolute minimum.  DL, C5 and C4 sizes needed.  Please contact if you can help.
  • Kilimanjaro Marathon -Tom Dickin will run in this event in Mar 2013 in aid of Village Africa.  Tom was a Village Africa teaching volunteer in Yamba and regularly visits to catch up with local friends.  To sponsor Tom, please see

Tom Dickin

December 2012

  • Victorian Volleyballers in Australia send money to buy sports equipment for the children of Yamba.  Thank you to Ebony Steward for organising this.  Ebony visited Yamba in 2012.

Yamba children's teams

  • The Brazenall family gives a donation to Village Africa in lieu of exchanging Christmas presents.  A big thank you to all involved.
  • Secondhand spectacles and mobile phones collected by Bettina Blass in Germany.  Bettina was a volunteer in Yamba.
  • Chapel Allerton Primary School sends more penpal letters to Yamba Primary School pupils.
  • Loose change donated by Joanna Leigh (nee Elgar), family and friends.  Joanna was in the first group of Village Africa teaching volunteers.
  • Raspberry Pi and a monitor kindly given by a supporter in the UK.  This is a credit-card sized computer that can be used for many things like spreadsheets, word-processing and games.
  • Zoe Carss Education Trust kindly funds classroom furniture and textbooks for Std IV and V at Kweulasi Primary School.
  • Secondhand spectacles donated by the Central Methodist Church, Dudley and Five Ways Methodist Chapel, Gornal.  Thank you to Doug Brazenall for organising this.  Doug has volunteered for Village Africa in Tanzania several times.
  • Lynnhurst Primary School sends cards and letters to Milingano and Yamba primary schools.
  •  A big thank you to MOO for kindly donating more printing support to Village Africa. It’s great when high tech companies are able to support villagers living in very basic conditions.
    MOO is a digital printing company based in London (UK) and Rhode Island (US). To see its latest services, please see


  • VILLAGE AFRICA CALENDAR 2013 – We’re delighted to announce the calendar is back! Only £8. Please place your order by Wednesday, 12 December for UK Christmas delivery (Calendars will then be printed and posted on 19 Dec). Calendars ordered between 13 December and 2 January will be printed on 3 January and posted shortly afterwards.  Last year we sold over 150 copies.
    Please send your order to stating the number of calendars you want and your name and address. Please pay online at or post a cheque made payable to ‘Village Africa’ with a donation form  MANY THANKS (asante sana)

Two children sitting on chair Karen

  • Make a difference this Christmas and buy a Life Changing Gift.  Choose from trees for planting £8, Health care priorities £10, School essentials £15, Building equipment £20 and Emergency trip to hospital £50.
    With every gift we will send you a card that explains the gift for the recipient.
    To order Life Changing Gifts you can pay online or by post.

Life changing gifts

  • MUSIC from Yamba and Milingano (CD or download). The people of Yamba and Milingano were delighted to hear their songs and music recorded. We hope you enjoy them too.
    A fabulous collection of 32 tracks performed by local groups and individuals singing in Kiswahili and Kisambaa. Available as two CDs and/or to download. The double CD is £14 (plus delivery charges). Order by 18 Dec for UK Christmas delivery. Orders after this date will be posted as quickly as possible. Download the individual albums for £5, or 89p per single track.
    A big thank you to both Live Wire Duplication Ltd (the printers) and Bandcamp for kindly giving discounts because we are a charity.
    Music recorded by volunteer Bee Taylor and Village Africa managers John Shekuamba, John Samweli and Maiko Paulo.

CD front cover

  • Raise funds easily for FREE! Whenever you shop online, please remember to find the store you want through! When you make your purchase, they will donate a percentage to Village Africa with no extra cost to yourself.

November 2012

  • Newquay Tretherras sends in a donation following its non uniform event in aid of Village Africa.  Kathryn Culkin, a teacher at Newquay Tretherras , was a Village Africa teaching volunteer at Mibukwe Secondary School in Milingano.
  • Two volleyball nets and a set of boundary lines sent from Australia.  Thanks to visitor Ebony Steward and her friends for organising this.  Special thanks to Express Post International for providing free delivery to Tanga.

NovVolleyball (website)

  • Secondhand pillows, clothing and shoes gratefully received from Kipepeo Beach Resort in Dar es Salaam.  Many thanks to the managers for collecting items for many years.
  • Six school toilets and three water tanks for Mkurumuzi Primary School built by Village Africa and handed over to the school.  Many thanks to Kids Helping Kids, a US charity, for funding this work.  This is the fourth school where Village Africa and Kids Helping Kids have worked in partnership.

Mkurumuzi Primary School - 6 toiletsMkurumuzi Primary School - pupils at hand tank

  • Claudia Brown runs a Christmas stall at her school, Liskeard School and Community College, to raise money for Village Africa.
  • A group of past volunteers hold a get together to catch up with all the news and fundraise for the charity.

October 2012

  • Congratulations to Peter Mathayo who becomes the first ‘Simba’ to graduate from Mibukwe Secondary School after being sponsored through Village Africa’s primary and secondary school student sponsorship schemes. A huge thank you to his sponsor.

Peter Mathayo, Simba Secondary

  • Zoe Carss Education Trust agrees to fund two classrooms for Kweulasi Primary School to be built by Village Africa.

Kweulasi - Headteacher and pupils

  • Calendar photo competition time – We are delighted that the calendar is back for the THIRD year running! We are now in the process of designing one for 2013 and we want to include your best photos.  Please send your entries to, with your name and a brief description by Monday 22 October 2012.  We’ll then enter them into a competition, alongside those we received last year, and announce the winning thirteen on our Facebook page.  Last year we sold over 150 calendars, so thank you to all who ordered them. They make excellent Christmas gifts and we’ll let you know how you can buy them when they are ready.  We look forward to seeing your pictures!

  • Village Africa Desk Appeal over halfway to its £9000 target.
  • Secondhand spectacles distributed at Mkurumuzi village.
  • Sarah Curgenven runs the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Village Africa.  Sarah is a Village Africa Director and former Village Africa office volunteer in Yamba.

  • National Geographic Traveller (UK) chooses Paris Ackrill as a winner of its photo competition.  The photo was taken in Yamba at James Dunn’s leaving party.  Paris was a Village Africa teaching volunteer in Milingano and James was the first Village Africa Volunteer Liaison Officer.
  • Village Africa’s building team completes five toilets for Kwembalazi Primary School. School toilets are a requirement for registration and it is hoped the school will be fully registered next year. A big thank you to the US charity, Kids Helping Kids, for donating these school toilets.

  • Village Africa installs three water tanks at Kwembalazi Primary School. Kwembalazi is at the foot of the Yamba mountain. Kwembalazi children currently go to Yamba Primary School but it is a very steep one and a half hour climb up the mountain every morning. Many thanks to Kids Helping Kids for funding this work.

September 2012

  • Daniel Growcott visits Yamba.  Daniel is from the UK and is a football coach who has taught in the USA, Canada and the UK. He played for Yamba adult football team twice – once against Mibukwe Secondary School students and once against Bombo Village. He scored goals for Yamba which made him very popular in the village! The children loved him and enjoyed spending lots of time with him throughout the fortnight.

  • Gifts received from the UK: footballs and pumps, toothbrushes and toothpaste, educational posters, school stationery and clothing.
  • Accommodation for John Shekuamba completed.  John is Village Africa’s most senior member of staff.

  • Magda returns to school to further her education.  She is studying in Korogwe.  Magda was a Village Africa translator/manager.

  • Village Africa revives the art of clay pot making in Yamba. The pots can be used for cooking, storage or as fridges. The clay teachers and their pupils are shown here together with Village Africa teaching volunteers Bee Taylor and Karen Nivala and Village Africa translator/manager Maiko Paulo.

  • Skynetworldwide sends secondhand clothes for local volunteers.  Villagers maintain the access road to Yamba and carry heavy items (eg medicine) up the mountain.
  • Postcards on sale for Village Africa – Bettina Blass (recent volunteer) sells postcards from Germany to raise money for the charity. Please click on this link to see them and buy. If you need help with the German, please let us know.
  • Maiko Paulo (Village Africa translator/manager) leaves the charity to go back to school. He will be studying in Korogwe, starting on Mon (24 Sept). Village Africa will greatly miss Maiko and all his hard work but wishes him all the best for the future.
  • Calendars 2013 – Michael Maye is selling artistic calendars of Cologne in Germany and giving a donation to Village Africa for every one sold. To buy one, please click on this link.
    If you need help with the German, please let us know. Michael heard about the charity via Bettina Blass (recent Village Africa volunteer). Thank you Michael and Bettina!
  • Milingano Dispensary – John Shekuamba of Village Africa hands over the keys to 4 new toilets and a water tank to one of the nurses at this government dispensary. The toilets will be used by patients, mothers, children and babies attending the MCH (Mother and Child Health) and those attending the family planning clinics, plus of course the doctor and two nurses. This project was funded by Village Africa’s Simba Club Community Fund. The final touches (the doors and windows with mosquito netting) took some time due to a timber shortage in the area. MANY THANKS (ASANTENI SANA) to all Simba sponsors. This will help hundreds of children who come from many villages to access some of these services.

  • Milingano Primary School – two water tanks installed by Village Africa. Rainwater is collected from two classroom rooves. The water can be used to clean classrooms and in the school toilets. This project was kindly funded by Kids Helping Kids. A big thank you to the donor.

  • Kids Helping Kids (a US charity) donates school textbooks and dictionaries to Mkurumuzi Primary School.  Village Africa was happy to order the books in Tanga and transport them to the school.

August 2012

  • Binit sends more gifts to the children of Yamba – football shirts and raincoats.

  • Congratulations to past volunteer Joanna (nee Elgar) on her recent wedding to James Leigh. A big thank you to Joanna for donating books to Yamba Primary School in lieu of traditional wedding favours at the reception. Joanna was in the first group of Village Africa teaching volunteers in Sept 2006 and has been a brilliant fundraiser for the charity ever since.
  • Baby Karen named after Village Africa teaching volunteer Karen Nivala.

  • Pens donated to pupils at Yamba Primary School by the father of a past Village Africa volunteer.

  • NEW! Village Africa greetings cards for sale. Specially designed by past volunteer Linsey McGregor. Inspired by her stay in Yamba and her love of the khanga cloth worn by local women and children: Please buy as many as possible to help the charity.

July 2012

  • Emma Southey and Jonny Southcombe climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise money for Village Africa.  Well done to them both for making it to the top!  Emma is a former Village Africa Volunteer Liaison Officer.  They received a letter of congratulations from Emma’s MP.

  • Jam making in Australia raises a large donation for Village Africa.  Joy  Lemin (the mother of recent building volunteer Rosy Lemin) made lots of  delicious jam and sold it at her church and the hairdressing salon owned by Rosy’s aunty.  Rosy’s aunty donated some hairdressing products for a raffle too.
  • Kids Helping Kids (a US charity) agrees to fund 6 school toilets and 3 water tanks to be built by Village Africa. They will be in Mkurumuzi Primary School (instead of driving up to Yamba, you continue for 6km on the flat passing through Kwembalazi). This will be the fourth school where Kids Helping Kids and Village Africa have worked in partnership. This grant provides further work to Village Africa’s skilled building team. A big thank you to Kids Helping Kids.

June 2012

  • A set of Kiswahili-English dictionaries donated to Mibukwe Secondary School in Milingano by a Village Africa volunteer. These will be kept in the school for use in the classroom.
  • Oxford University students vote to give a second large donation to Village Africa.  The money comes from the Somerville College JCR Battels Fund.  Many thanks to Flo Avery (past Village Africa teaching volunteer in Milingano) for nominating the charity once again and being so successful.

  • Ebony Steward visits Village Africa from Australia and presents volleyball equipment to local schools (Mibukwe Secondary School and Yamba, Milingano and Kweulasi primary schools).

  • Football and pump kindly donated by a Village Africa volunteer and presented by John Shekuamba to Kwagogo football team.  Kwagogo is between Yamba and Milingano.

  • Baby Bee named after current Village Africa Teaching volunteer, Bee Taylor.

  • We would like to thank the kind people at for providing printing support to Village Africa. MOO are a digital printing company based in London (UK) and Rhode Island (US) who print business cards, postcards, stickers, labels and greeting cards. Using MOO’s unique ‘Printfinity’ technology, customers can upload a different image onto every card at no extra cost. Either select one of MOO’s designer business card templates to customise, or upload your own artwork or designs to create truly unique print products. Visit MOO online at

May 2012

  • Buongiorno kindly donates mobile phones for Village Africa’s staff.

  • Gifts received from the Netherlands: clothing and windup torches.
  • Luke Dacres-Cogley visits Village Africa and enjoys living with the community and learning about this very traditional culture.

  • Andy Matfield finishes his placement as Volunteer Liaison Officer for Village Africa.  A big thank you for all his hard work, unstinting enthusiasm and cheerfulness.  All good wishes for his future.
  • Baby Jessica named after current volunteer Jessica Broughton.

  • Zolfo Cooper in the UK kindly donated hard hats for the African building team as worn below by Peter Sebastian (Head builder).  Zolfo Cooper is a leading independent provider of restructuring, financial and corporate advisory solutions.

April 2012

  • Baby clothes sent by Alli Shaw and friends. Postage costs were raised by selling toys and household items on eBay. Alli was a teaching volunteer in Milingano and is now a Village Africa Director. A big thank you to all involved.
  • Eye department at the Antrim Hospital in Brunssum, The Netherlands donates more secondhand spectacles to Village Africa.  Thank you for the ongoing support.
  • New volunteers join the charity in Tanzania – Bettina Blass, Heike Neurohr and Roland Auer from Germany, Rosemary Lemin from Australia and Andrew Cross from the UK.  Bethany Taylor from the UK returns for her second visit and Karen Nivala from Australia for her third visit.

March 2012

  • Ramsgate Community Church holds African meal and quiz to raise funds for Village Africa.
  • Buongiorno has decided to continue supporting Village Africa as one of its chosen charities.  Caroline Johnston (Director) made a presentation in London to its staff to tell them how the money they so successfully fundraised has been used and Village Africa’s plans.
  • Stonesfield village in Oxfordshire took up the challenge to raise money for books for Yamba Primary School.  Stonesfield Primary School collected money during Book Week when the children dressed up as their favourite book character.
  • Sheila Maclean (past volunteer) held a very successful Cheese and Wine Party.
  • Peponi Beach Resort in Pangani, Tanzania donated secondhand clothing, plates and bowls.
  • A netbook and solar charging system was bought for Village Africa by Felixstowe Academy. This was made possible by the sponsored maths challenge organised by the school and the informal 10 miles sponsored bike ride organised by some of the girls. A big thank you to all the teachers and pupils involved and to Bee Taylor (past volunteer) for giving talks at the school.
  • Cisco Live Team kindly sent T-shirts to Village Africa.  These were distributed to local volunteers and to Village Africa’s managers and drivers.

  • Kathryn Culkin returns to volunteer at Mibukwe Secondary School for the second time.

  • Baby Andy – the second baby in Yamba named after Andy Matfield, Village Africa’s Volunteer Liaison Officer. The baby is the son of Teacher Adamu, a teacher at Yamba Primary School.

  • Baby Sean is named after Village Africa volunteer Sean Campbell.  The proud parents are Mathias (the Assistant Catechist in Yamba) and his wife Sophia who is Sheki’s sister.

February 2012

  • February volunteers arrive.  Emily Curtis will be teaching English and sport at Milingano Primary School and Jessica Broughton and Sean Campbell will be teaching sport and building in Yamba.  This is the second visit for both Emily and Jessica.
  • Secondhand clothing sent by Skynetworldwide.  This will be distributed to local volunteers to encourage them to continue helping with development in their community.
  • Cambridge University students donated to Village Africa.  Sidney Sussex College Student Union unanimously voted to support the charity.  Thanks to past volunteers Fran Doherty and George Roberts for organising this.
  • Ten sewing machines and cloth were kindly donated by the Pontesbury-Muheza Link.
  • Clothing was sent by many donors from the UK.  Thanks to Hereford-Muheza Link Society for sharing its container and also to Skynetworldwide for its special parcel rate.

January 2012

  • Coseley School and Sports College received a talk from Doug Brazenall (past Yamba volunteer).
  • Secondhand clothing donated by Kipepeo Beach Resort in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Sponsor a Secondary Student Scheme started by Village Africa responding to need.  Many families cannot afford or struggle to pay school fees and related costs.  To sponsor a student, please contact  Only £20 per month.

  • It is now possible to donate to Village Africa by text. Use modern technology to help villagers and children in a remote African village.Text VATZ33 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. For example, to donate £5 text VATZ33 £5 and send to 70070.  All the money you donate goes to Village Africa and your network provider does not charge for the SMS you send to make the donation.  For more info, see

  • Qualified accountant found to help Village Africa 1 or 2 days per year on a voluntary basis.
  • Mark Matfield joins Village Africa’s Board as Finance Director.
  • Krystal Lapierre from Canada becomes a Village Africa teaching volunteer for Mibukwe Secondary School in Milingano.  Stephen Brazenall and Amy-Lea Gardiner start as Teaching Sport and Building volunteers in Yamba.  This is Stephen’s second visit
  • Village Africa Desk Appeal launched.  Village Africa needs to raise £9000 to provide 450 desks for primary schools.  £20 buys a desk and the planting of two trees. There is a severe shortage of desks in the primary schools and many children sit on the floor which can be dusty or muddy depending on the weather.  This leads to poor concentration and poor handwriting.  Village Africa wants to provide desks to Milingano Primary School, Kweulasi Primary School and Kwembalazi Primary School.  The desks will be made by local carpenters in Tanzania, thus providing much needed employment.  For every desk, Village Africa will plant one timber tree and one cash crop (eg cloves). After the huge success of Village Africa’s Ambulance Appeal, we hope supporters will like this appeal and want to help. Groups donating one desk or more will be listed on our website if they wish and will receive a certificate of thanks. Please visit Desk Appeal page.

  • Secondhand phones were donated by individuals in the UK.
  • Village Africa Ambulance Appeal target reached!  Village Africa will now buy the vehicle to take seriously ill patients (including many babies and children) on the 3 hour drive to hospital.  Special thanks to the major sponsors of the Appeal (Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, Southern Ambulance Preservation Society, Cartridge World, Meetings Industry Meeting Needs and St James’s Place Foundation) and all the organisations, groups and individuals who helped. A massive achievement (£40,000) in a short time (18 months) during a world recession.

December 2011

  • Village Africa video produced by Emma Southey, past Volunteer Liaison Manager.
  • Village Africa Calendars 2012 now for sale! Only £8. The first calendar, produced last year, was so popular we decided to make another. Please send orders to including the number of calendars you want and your name and address. Payment can be by cheque made payable to ‘Village Africa’ with a donation form or online. You can gift aid using either of these methods if you are a UK taxpayer. Many thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the calendar competition. We hope you like the final product!

  • Bluefin Resources sponsors a Village Africa nurse for a year in lieu of sending Christmas cards to its clients and candidates.  Bluefin Resources is a recruitment company in Sydney, Australia.

  • Sunbury Manor School held a non school uniform day and raised funds for Village Africa.
  • Angels made and sold in Sweden to raise funds for the charity.  Thanks to Minka and Nurse Mirjam Eriksson.

  • DoodleJam in Australia holds an online charity auction of art work produced by the villagers in Yamba.  Thanks to Karen Nivala (past Yamba teaching volunteer) for organising this.

  • Clothing and school stationery received from Skynetworldwide.
  • Francesca Wiltshire (past Summer Camp volunteer) successfully runs the Lisbon Marathon for Village Africa.
  • Lynncroft Primary School in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire sends giant Christmas cards made by the pupils to Yamba Primary School.  This follows a school assembly from their new teacher Joanna Elgar (past Yamba and Milingano teaching volunteer).

  • Newquay Tretherras School held a book amnesty and a non school uniform day for Village Africa.  This is the school where Kathryn Culkin (past secondary school teaching volunteer) works.
  • Online shoppers raised money for Village Africa as they shopped at Christmas.
  • Glaisdale WI donates proceeds from its Christmas raffle.  Village Africa is very grateful that this WI has supported the charity once again.

November 2011

  • Struggling for Christmas gift ideas for family and friends? Buy a Village Africa life changing gift (Trees for planting £8, Health care priorities £10, School essentials £15, Building equipment £20 and Emergency trip to hospital £50). For every gift purchased we will provide a card that you can give to your family member or friend explaining the life changing gift that has been given as an alternative to him/her receiving a gift him/herself. To order Life Changing Gifts you can pay online or by post. This scheme, launched last Christmas, was a big hit! We hope it will do well again this Christmas and throughout the year for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.

  • Village Africa completes two classrooms for Milingano Primary School, kindly donated by jjFOX (a recruitment company).  jjFOX sent out a team of its staff to help with the initial brickwork.  jjFOX has now generously funded four classrooms for the school.  Village Africa handed over the classrooms to the Chairman of Lushoto District Council.

  • Baby Andy named after Andy Matfield, Village Africa’s Volunteer Liaison Manager.  The baby is the first child of Maiko Paulo, Village Africa’s manager and translator who looks after Simba Club, the child sponsorship scheme.  This makes Paulo Mbiu (Village Africa’s builder) a grandfather, Mzee Jango’fua (Village Africa’s watchman) a great grandfather and Hilda Fidelis (Village Africa’s nurse) a great grandmother!

  • Baby Efi named after current teaching volunteer Efi.

  • Broadford Primary School (Isle of Skye) received a Village Africa talk from past volunteer Jessica Broughton.

  • Oxford University students voted Village Africa as one of the five most deserving causes and gave a grant from the Somerville JCR Charities Battels Fund. Thanks to Flo Avery (past Milingano teaching volunteer) for nominating us and for all the students who voted for Village Africa.
  • Village Africa’s senior managers visit Malindi village in Lushoto District to see development projects.  They are accompanied by Milingano Ward Development Committee.  Malindi is the home village of the Chairman of Lushoto District Council.
  • Phil Eastham wins two awards for his work in the UK and Tanzania (Warrington Sports Volunteer of the Year 2011 and Cheshire Sports Volunteer of the Year Award 2011).  ‘Philipo’ has volunteered in the UK to promote and develop football for girls and boys and has fundraised for Village Africa and volunteered for the charity in Tanzania by teaching sport and building.
  • Secondhand clothing received from business contacts in Tanga.
  • Card making party held by Tina Freeman (past Yamba teaching volunteer – Tina taught English, computing and knitting).
  • Mzee Jango’fua (Village Africa’s Watchman) married Hilda Shemzigwa (Village Africa’s Nurse).

October 2011

  • Village Africa launches its ‘Like Challenge’ encouraging supporters and all their friends and family to ‘like’ its new Facebook page  The Challenge is to reach 1000 Facebook supporters.
  • Kids Helping Kids in the US provides funding for five school toilets and three water tanks for Kwembalazi Primary School, a brand new school.  It is hoped work will commence in late Nov/early Dec.  This will be the third project funded by KHK and built by Village Africa.
  • Dictionaries distributed in Yamba Primary School.

  • Table Quiz held in Dublin to raise money.  Organised by Lydia McCormack and Tim Ryan (past Yamba volunteers).
  • John Shekuamba (Village Africa’s Assistant Director) married Salome Charles (Village Africa’s former Translator).

  • Phil Eastham visits Milingano and Yamba for his third time.  He has been busy promoting Village Africa through a skydive and has collected large quantities of children’s clothes and football kit for the villagers.  Thanks to all the football clubs and the children’s nursery who donated clothing.

September 2011

  • Village Africa starts a Match a Job Scheme (£20 a month or one off donation).  It hopes to continue employing nurses, ambulance drivers, builders, carpenters, managers, watchmen and cooks.  Sadly VA has had to reduce its workforce due to the world recession, inflation and a sharp increase in immigration fees.
  • The charity has revised its volunteer placements and is now offering: Teaching 4, 8 or 12 week plus Building 2 week plus Coaching sports 2 week plus Other short-term roles 2 week plus.

  • Village Africa teaching volunteers start in the local schools: Kathryn in Mibukwe Secondary School, Emily in Milingano Primary School and Efi and Linsey in Yamba Primary School. They will teach English for three months. Kathryn is also teaching Maths and Emily is also teaching netball.
  • An appeal is made for mobile phones (new or secondhand) for VA staff.
  • Mosquito nets are distributed to Form IV students at Mibukwe Secondary School.  The nets were kindly donated by Glaisdale WI in the UK.  A seminar on malaria was given by Village Africa’s nurse, Hilda, on the same day.  The seminar was designed with the help of Mirjam, a nurse from Sweden who visited the project.
  • Textbooks and dictionaries are given to Milingano Primary School.  Thanks to past teaching volunteer Amanda from the US and Vince Mayfield who fundraised as part of Kwanzaa, a celebration of African heritage.  The money was presented to Amanda at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.
  • Lucinda and Adam join the project as Teaching Sport and Building volunteers. Lucinda is teaching netball; Adam is teaching football at Milingano Primary School and they are building four toilets for Milingano Dispensary.

  • Pencils and pens are distributed at Kweulasi Primary School.
  • The small house rented for VA Driver John Samweli and his wife VA nurse Mama Ade is renovated.
  • Salome passes her primary teacher training exams and is waiting for her first posting.  Salome was VA’s translator and then was sponsored for teacher training through VA.
  • Two past volunteers sell their car and donate the proceeds to Village Africa.
  • VA driver, Edmundi, gets the all clear from the national hospital following a cancer scare re his face.  VA pays medical costs for its permanent staff including drivers.
  • Jen and Rob completed a 700 mile tandem cycle ride from London to Berlin to raise money for Village Africa. They set off on 15th September.

  • Gifts received from Italy, Ireland, UK and Tanzania: clothing and school stationery.  Special thanks to Skynetworldwide.

August 2011

  • Paintings sold at auction to raise funds for the charity.  Thanks to Jessica Broughton who will be a Summer Camp volunteer in August and then will help with carpentry.
  • Milingano Ward comes 3rd out of 44 in Lushoto District in the mock national primary school leavers’ exam.  Previously the ward was last.  The ward includes Yamba and Milingano.
  • Summer Camp visitors spend time with the community and are given full tours of Village Africa’s work in Yamba and Milingano.  The group included VA’s UK Administrator, Andrea.  The visitors are staying for between 2 and 6 weeks.

Summer Camp sports day

  • Jessica works as a carpentry volunteer for four weeks making furniture for the Yamba Community Library.
  • The Nutty Knitters of Waterlooville in Hampshire donate knitting materials to the Yamba Knitting Group.
  • Chapel Allerton Primary School, Leeds sends penpal letters to Yamba Primary School.
  • The charity buys a second laptop with a long battery life to assist its fundraising from Yamba.
  • Gifts received from the UK and Tanzania: medical equipment, jewellery, knitting materials, school bags and clothing including a wedding dress.

July 2011

  • Bric-a-brac and cake sale held in Scotland for Village Africa.
  • Emanuel School from London visit Village Africa as part of a PoD expedition. They spend a week fully immersed in community life. The group was led by Mike from PoD and two of their teachers.

  • JPP Consulting and Soil Technics donate a large quantity of building materials for VA’s first staff house. They also give time off to Matthew Letts to volunteer.

  • Cian, Alastair, Matthew and Jack join the project as Teaching Sport and Building volunteers. They are doing the brickwork on the staff house.  Football sessions are being held in Yamba Primary School.
  • Gifts received from Sweden, Australia, UK and Tanzania: clothing, toiletries, school stationery, DVDs, bags, toys and a radio.  Special thanks to Kipepeo Beach Resort in Dar es Salaam for pillows, bedding, stationery and toys.

June 2011

  • ‘Lochalsh Dirty 30’, a thirty mile challenge walk, undertaken by Jessica Broughton (booked volunteer) and her friend.
  • Dimitrios is VA’s first visitor from Greece.
  • Emma finishes her one year placement as Volunteer Liaison Officer at VA and will be sadly missed. Andy takes over this role.
  • New knitting machine and secondhand sewing machine presented to Yamba Knitting Group.

  • Village Africa introduces two of its partner charities to each other by delivering health education DVDs from Thare Machi Education in the UK to MEA (Medicine Education Africa) in Tanzania.
  • Second school assembly given at Queen’s Inclosure Primary School, Waterlooville, Hampshire by Project Leader, Caroline Johnston.
  • Gifts received from Greece, Australia, UK and Tanzania: school stationery, clothing, shoes, bedding, bags, toys, spectacles and building safety equipment.

May 2011

  • Sambaa House kitchen is finished. This is project accommodation.
  • VA fifth birthday celebration held in Yamba – Attended by over 400 people. Enjoyable mix of modern and traditional singing, dancing and drumming. ‘Happy Birthday’ greetings sent by 81 overseas friends.

  • Five year review meetings held in Yamba (March) and Milingano (April). Villagers very appreciative of all help given, especially the emergency trips to hospital.
  • VA starts construction of its first staff house. It will be for John Shekuamba, Assistant Director. John has been with the project since it started.
  • VA Director, Christina Holden, visits Tanzania from the UK. She has twice before volunteered as a nurse in Yamba and Milingano.
  • Sarah helps to improve the English of VA staff and advises on environmental issues.
  • Peponi Beach Resort in Pangani, Tanzania donates secondhand clothing from its customers.
  • New printer/scanner/photocopier very kindly gifted by a volunteer in Tanzania. Bought in Tanga.
  • Andrea Ward (UK Administrator), Jane Baker (past volunteer) and friends climb Ben Nevis for the charity. Ben Nevis is the same height as Yamba.
  • John Shekuamba, Village Africa’s translator, sends more Kiswahili scripts for health education DVDs to Thare Machi Education in the UK.
  • Queen’s Inclosure Primary School May Fair. VA had a stall selling khanga (cloth), baskets and wooden spoons.
  • Gifts received from the Netherlands and the UK: torches, clothing and a football strip.

April 2011

  • VA is pleased to welcome new teaching volunteers: Dani and Steph for Milingano Primary School and Karen for Yamba Primary School. Dani and Karen are from Australia and Steph is from the UK. This is Karen’s second visit as she was on the 2010 Summer Camp in Yamba.
  • A second Baby Emma is born. Daughter of Estaride, VA’s manager. The baby is named after our Volunteer Liaison Officer.

  • Alex teaches English to the project’s staff and helps with building work.
  • Mirjam, a nurse from Sweden, visits the charity in Tanzania.
  • Andy returns as Volunteer Liaison Officer elect. Andy was a building volunteer in Milingano and Yamba for 5 months.
  • Phil Eastham skydives at Whitchurch Airport to raise money for Village Africa. Phil has twice been a building volunteer in Milingano.
  • Niki runs the London Marathon for VA. Niki was on the first Summer Camp which was held in Yamba in 2009.
  • Andy Matfield gives a talk about VA to his former school, Barrow Hills School, Witley, Surrey.
  • Gifts received from Australia and the UK – teaching aids, school stationery and clothes.

March 2011

  • VA completes Maasai House, the second small house for volunteers on the Mzizma plot. It finishes a bathroom and toilet to be shared between Sambaa and Maasai House. Kitchen foundations are being laid.
  • Magdalena Baruti appointed as new manager for VA.
  • Sophie teaches English to VA’s team, helps design the first staff house and helps on the building site.
  • Lonely Planet for Tanzania lists VA as a place to volunteer.
  • Slideshow put on YouTube by past volunteer, Jaana Hede, from Finland
  • Manchester Bogle, 55 mile walk. VA’s Director Alli Shaw and past volunteers Caroline Pugh and Malcolm Cammack participate to raise funds for VA.
  • Martins Wood Primary School in Stevenage collected coins for Village Africa.
  • Gifts received from Tanzania and the UK – Sewing machine, cloth, blankets, sheets and clothes. Thanks to Hereford Link for sharing its container.

February 2011

  • VA gets internet connection in Yamba which it uses with a laptop (with long battery life) and a generator.
  • Kids Helping Kids visits Milingano to see toilets at Milingano Primary School and water tanks and toilets at Kweulasi Primary School. These projects were funded by Kids Helping Kids in the US and built by VA. A warm traditional welcome was given to Ray and Salie Rossen and Father Baruti, all KHK Directors.
  • Charlie joins to teach English to VA staff and help with building work.
  • New clothing donated from Seattle,US via Kids Helping Kids.
  • School stationery and clothes sent from the UK. Thanks to Skynetworldwide for its special rate.

January 2011

  • Sheshe (Peter Sebastian) promoted to Head builder and Paulo Maiko to Assistant Head builder. Hasani Athumani has left VA for personal reasons.
  • VA builds a kitchen for the volunteer accommodation called Mama Asia’s House. VA’s team whitewashes the Uncle’s House and returns it to the owner as the rental period was over.
  • Volunteers join VA’s education programme. Mel and Bee teach in Yamba Primary School and Helen and Sarah in Milingano Primary School. Doug helps with the child sponsorship scheme and Louise helps in the office. Sheena, Stephen, Tom and Jamie build volunteer accommodation. All help with extra curricular activities including football and netball in Yamba Primary School and Milingano Primary School. Mel and Sarah are from the US and the others from the UK.
  • BinIt generously donates waterproof jackets for Yamba’s youth. BinIt is an organisation against knife and gun crime in the UK.
  • Charity Photography Exhibition and Auction held at The College of Law, Bloomsbury. Organised by Robert Tam who was on the 2010 VA Summer Camp.
  • Lawford Junior Football Club kindly sends football kits for Yamba youngsters.
  • Other gifts received from the US and UK – football kits, teaching aids, school stationery and clothes.

For previous news please see here.