Ambulance Appeal Updates

October 2011
Meetings Industry Meeting Needs gives large grant to Ambulance Appeal.

September 2011  
Oslo Marathon run by Teacher Tom (past volunteer)

Tandathon (London to Berlin) completed by Jen and Rob (past volunteers).  750 miles, 9 days and 1 tandem followed by a marathon!
Berlin Marathon done by Fiona (friend of Jen and Rob – past volunteers)

Bristol Half-Marathon undertaken by Beth (from the PoD office), Jordan (past volunteer) and their friend James.

August 2011
London Underground street collections held at Temple and South Kensington tube stations

Buongiorno UK enjoys an Olympic/School sports day to raise funds.  Events include a tug of war, sack race, egg and spoon race and a 3 legged race.

July 2011  
Rainbow Day held at Queen’s Inclosure Primary School in Cowplain, Hampshire.

Joanna Elgar, past teaching volunteer, holds another pub quiz.

June 2011
Chapel Allerton Primary School, Leeds raises funds following a presentation to the pupils by Lillian Bergman, past building volunteer.

May 2011
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Noosa, Queensland, Australia makes a large donation following a talk by past Summer Camp volunteers, Karen Nivala and Kristen Handreck.  Karen also raised funds at her Tanzanian birthday dinner held in Australia.  Her sister, Anita, also participated by holding a book and clothes sales.

Coseley School, Coseley, Bilston donates once again to Village Africa.

April 2011
St James’s Place Foundation gives grant for Ambulance Appeal.

Neil Jackson runs Derby 10K for Ambulance Appeal. Match funded by National Grid.

March 2011
Holly Tahir from Martins Wood Primary School in Stevenage walked around a lake in her welly boots filled with baked beans! She was also wearing pyjamas and had her face painted!

Past volunteers Malcolm Cammack and Caroline Pugh take part in the Manchester Bogle, a 55 mile walk.

February 2011
Leicester College students and staff fundraise following talks from Lillian Bergman who was a building volunteer for VA.

PoD Charity supports the appeal.

Whickham Comprehensive School, Whickham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne contributes to the Ambulance Appeal.

January 2011
St Augustine’s Church, Whitton, Twickenham chose Village Africa as its charity of the month.

December 2010
Buongiorno in France and UK supports VA during the company’s Charity Week. Fundraising includes a lunch, raffle and ‘Wear a funny jumper day’.

Christmas Carol Concert at Queen’s Inclosure Primary School in Waterlooville raises money for the Ambulance Appeal.

Semley Church of England, Shaftesbury, Dorset makes a donation following a talk by Village Africa’s Project Leader, Caroline Johnston, when she was in the UK.

November 2010
Curves of Waterlooville has a collecting tin in its gym.

Rotary Club of Ashtead, Surrey donates towards the ambulance.

October 2010
Tom Dickin does a sponsored climb of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Village Africa’s ambulance appeal before visiting Yamba for his third time.

September 2010
Malcolm Cammack, past building volunteer has moved job from Ernst and Young to Withers. He has kindly donated his leaving collection to the ambulance appeal. Many thanks to all who contributed and best wishes to Malcolm in the new post.

Pub Quiz at the Joiner’s Arms in Derby raised funds for the ambulance appeal. The quiz was organised by Joanna Elgar (past Yamba and Milingano teaching volunteer). Joanna’s school (Grampian Primary School, Derby) is also collecting loose change.

Donation received from a student participating in theBigGive Philanthropy in Schools programme. Pupils research a number of charities on the before donating a voucher, provided by a philanthropist, to the one which they would like to support. Out of the 6000+ charities on the site, the student chose Village Africa.

August 2010
An adventure race took place in the Wye Valley organised by Local Global. Two teams raced over 25 miles by canoe, bike and foot on river, road, track and mountain bike trail in aid of Village Africa and a local charity. Mike Beecham from PoD took part.

July 2010
Small businesses in Waterlooville, Portsmouth donate prizes for raffle held at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy (Portsmouth) end of school year show.

July 2010
Ardleigh Green Junior School in Hornchurch, Essex takes part in a sponsored circuit challenge.

Stamshaw Infant School in Portsmouth has an African day. Each class becomes a country in Africa and the other classes visit them.

June 2010
BAe Systems in Portsmouth holds an old fashioned sweet shop to raise money.

The Boys’ Brigade (1st Waterlooville Company) collects 20p coins in Smartie chocolate tubes to raise money for the appeal. The coins will be earned by doing odd jobs for the family.

St Augustine of Canterbury Church of England Choir in Whitton, Twickenham gives some of its wedding fee to the Appeal.

Cosham Benefit Office in Hampshire chooses World Cup theme for its fundraising for the Village Africa Ambulance Appeal.

Babu Doug Brazenall (twice volunteer for Village Africa in Yamba) gave a talk to the Franciscan Ladies Group at St Francis Church, Dudley.

Happy 60th Birthday to Mr Elgar who kindly asked for donations for the Village Africa Ambulance Appeal in lieu of birthday gifts. Mr Elgar is the father of Joanna Elgar, one of Village Africa’s first teaching volunteers in September 2006.

May 2010
Gemma, Beth and Erin from PoD dressed in Tanzanian khanga fundraising at a poem and music night in Cheltenham.

Cake stall held by Toddlers’ Group at Waterlooville Baptist Church.

Noel Edmonds sends an autographed copy of his book “Positively Happy” in support of the Ambulance Appeal and wishes us good luck on the ambulance “trip”.

Village Africa collecting tins are being put in shops and businesses in Cheltenham. Thanks to PoD for kindly organising this.

Mill Rythe Junior School has invited Caroline Johnston (Director, Village Africa) to talk about Village Africa at its school assembly on 7 June. This will be followed by a non school uniform (Mufti) day on 25 June to raise funds for the charity. The school has kindly agreed to be the finish of the ambulance drive around the UK. The pupils will greet the ambulance after its long journey!

Fun in the sun! Queen’s Inclosure Primary School May Fair in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Village Africa and Helen O’Grady Drama Academy joined forces to raise money and awareness of the Village Africa Ambulance Appeal. Many thanks to all those who donated and those who took part in the “Carry a bucket of water on your Head” competition.

Village Africa’s first street collection for the Ambulance Appeal will be held on the ambulance drive launch day (11 June 2010).

Jenny Newnham-Smith, Jeanette Simpson and Angela Ingall support the Ambulance Appeal by knitting toy nurses to be used for fundraising purposes.

PoD is organising a silent auction to raise money for the Village Africa Ambulance Appeal. Many gifts have been donated by local businesses in Cheltenham where PoD has its office.

Cirencester College is raising funds at its May Ball 2010 for the Village Africa Ambulance Appeal.

Queen’s Inclosure Primary School, Waterlooville, Hampshire has chosen Village Africa as its charity. The school council (made up of pupil representatives) decided it wanted to help a village in Africa. Caroline Johnston, Village Africa’s Director, met the school council and gave a whole school assembly on 10 May and will be attending the school fete on 22 May. The school will be organising lots of fundraising events in aid of Village Africa and its Ambulance Appeal.

Waterlooville Baptist Church chose Village Africa as its Christmas Charity in 2008. Following a report back to the whole congregation and also to Cornerstone (the 13-18 year olds group) on 9 May,

Waterlooville Baptist Church has taken up the challenge for groups to raise £25 or more for the Village Africa Ambulance Appeal.

PoD is supporting Village Africa’s Ambulance Appeal. PoD (Personal Overseas Development) sends volunteers to Village Africa and to other projects around the world. See

PoD will use its Facebook to encourage all its volunteers and supporters to meet the challenge of groups raising £25 or more for the ambulance appeal. Hopefully these adventurous people will find creative and fun ways to do so!

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